A Winning Resume... 7 Seconds to Success!

The average attention paid in review of a resume is only 7 seconds. Make your 7 seconds count!

Available in its 6th edition, this updated guide addresses today's search engines and electronic processing.  Just as your resume needs to succinctly convey powerful information in limited space, we've compiled everything you need to know within only 40 pages of easy, well-organized information.  With resume samples in various formats, this booklet provides answers to the most frequently asked questions and the most common mistakes.  

The authors collectively represent several hundred years’ experience with several thousand “employers of choice,” hiring hundreds of thousands of candidates nationwide and in more than 100 countries.  Recognized as experts by certification authorities and Fortune-rated employers and consistently called upon by the media to include Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, MSN and more, we know what employers are looking for!  Our employer and employee resources have been #1 rated by Google, Yahoo and leading search engines for more than 10 years and top rated in print copy for more than 30 years.   

This Bonus Edition includes "The Cover Letter:  STILL the Best Kept Secret in the Job Search Process!"  Learn your competitive advantage in cover letter strategies.

In this updated "Winning Resume" guide we discuss the major underlying strategies of winning resume preparation plus precise tactics and examples which best execute those strategies.

Consider the following…

• The Internet and software advancements require new practices in resume preparation.  We’ll teach you how to navigate search engines!
• When you do not know who will be screening your resume, you must consider the most common thinking among hiring authorities.
• Never make it easier for a resume screener to disqualify your resume than to pass your resume to the next level!
Appeal to the conscious and the subconscious mind.  The subconscious can represent 80-90% of brain power! 
• The goal of the resume is to win you the interview! 

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ISBN: 1-4392-3016-1

Library of Congress Control Number: 2009901865 

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