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Relied upon by employers of choice, Veracity instruments have been developed and validated by internationally accredited organizational psychology, legal, talent development and business management professionals. We expertly analyze assessment and development from all impact angles, and that creates... Veracity! Formerly published as the HRSAC, these job-specific instruments provide meaningful, legally defensible, reliable and easily interpreted measurements of candidate job-specific behavioral patterns, acquired skills or trainability. Test takers perceive validity, actionable data and, most certainly, fairness in evaluation. Employer return on investment has been reported higher than 1000 to 1… safeguarding talent management decisions. Get the right people doing the right things with the right toolsets.


SR2: Problem Solving Profile

Our most popular problem-solving and multi-tasking inbox simulation exercise, baselined and validated over 30 years to evaluate up to 12 problem solving behaviors. Often compared to a "Crazy Friday" scenario, this exercise demands choices, priorities and problem solving styles to be called forth, facilitating critical evaluation of motivators, skillsets and career path inclinations. Quantifiable scores against demographic norms to include Initiative, Sense of Urgency, Organization, Task Prioritization, Analytical Reasoning Adaptability to Change, Work Flow Planning, Problem Solving, Teambuilding, Intrinsic Goals, Ability to Multi-task and Produce Results, Engagement of Others and Attention to Detail. Matrix and/or narrative reports are available. 


PMI: Performance Management Intelligence 

Written situational exercises evaluate tactics and styles related to leadership behaviors including performance management, coaching, engagement and empowerment. Creative problem solving is additionally explored. Behaviors reported include tactics and technique essential to both transactional and transformational relationships. Specific development roadmap for leader lifelong learning is produced, as well as, toolsets for immediate decisions. Up to 10 actionable and comparative scores, as well as aggregate benchmarks, are delivered. Matrix and/or narrative reports are available.


CS1 & CS2: Customer Service Conduct

Customer service language plus situational exercises with hidden objectives are deployed. Responses are measured against demographic norms and keys to success. Instrument calls forth written response to situations, including rationale and scripting in an open ended fashion. Matrix and/or narrative reports pinpoint behaviors including but not limited to Active Listening, Assurance, Empathy, Responsiveness/Timeliness, Protection to Goals and Follow Through to Resolution.


TS1 & TS2: Team Skills Behaviors

Written situational exercises explore relationship building tactics and styles. Responses are measured against demographic norms and keys to success. Instrument calls forth written response to situations, including rationale and scripting in an open ended fashion. Matrix and/or narrative reports pinpoint behaviors including but not limited to Responsibility/Work Ethic, Collaboration, Encouragement/Support, and Respect.


Veracity Role Plays

Individualized and group role plays and exploratory exercises are available to evaluate skillsets and behaviors related to Job Descriptions by Title and/or universal keys to success including Sales Presentations, Negotiation, Training, Curriculum Development, Business Letter Writing, Leaderless Group Discussion, Corrective Action/Performance Appraisal Delivery and More! Matrix and/or Narrative Reports are Available.


Additional "Hard Skills" Testing

Accountancy, Mechanical, Call Center, Industrial, Electrical, Blueprint, Measurement, Attention to Detail, Computer/Netiquette, Telephone, Grammar, Correspondence and 82 unique Mathematics Instruments are available to pinpoint existing skillsets as well as learning goals/trainability.


Background Investigation

Delivering rare expertise in actionable, meaningful and legally compliant investigations, background checking is available according to Bona Fide Occupational Qualifications and Fair Credit Reporting Act parameters. Employment, Education, Criminal, Driver, Fiduciary, Licensing, Social Media and additional checks are available.


Partnership Boutique Instruments

Veracity offers access and value added reporting for select libraries including Blanchard Companies, DiSC Profiles, IBM Smarter Workforce, TKI Conflict Resolution, Bennett Mechanical Comprehension (BMCT) and more. Instruments can be incorporated into assessment batteries of multiple toolsets with integrated reporting. 


Multi-Dimensional Interviewing

Interview with delivery of behavior-based questions to pinpoint job-specific competencies, behaviors, strengths, trainability, improvement opportunities, work ethic, career goals, problem solving, communication, learning goals and candidate likelihood of success. Third party expert interviews maximize candid truth, empower evaluation against marketplace benchmarks and yield unbiased findings.


Assessment Feedback & Action Planning

Post-scoring candidate interview to discuss core strengths, opportunities for improvement, learning goals and actionable steps.Additional Criteria Pinpointed through Exercise: Communication Style, Persuasion, Understanding vs. Execution, Natural Talents to Build Upon, Commitment to Lifelong Learning, Inclination toward People Management vs. Task Management.


Assessment Design & Consultation

Custom instruments, process design, compliance review and strategic planning services are available.


Online Demo

Visit our Online Demo for a "look and feel" snapshot of eAssessment. Please login with hrsdemo/hrsdemo as user/password credentials. Veracity eAssessment is rich with consistency safeguards, security parameters and screen locks. To allow revisits and free navigation without advance scheduling and unique permissions, the online demo does not showcase all secure testing behaviors. Please contact us for custom demo to include secure testing features. 


Complimentary Analysis & Proposal

Please contact us for more information and complimentary proposal. Scalable solutions are available.

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