3rd Party Advantage


Expert Unbiased Programs Optimize Due Diligence, Team Buy-In, Competitive Advantage & Legal Compliance!

Through multi-employer research, juris doctorate knowledge, organizational psychology study and external perspective, HRS provides expert specialist and/or 3rd party objectivity value that even the most robust and talented of internal HR/OD teams cannot replicate through its own resources. Our esteemed informational specialists deliver high value partnership to C-Suite and/or internal HR/OD leaders.

• Ensure Open Communication with No Fear of Reprisal or Bias

• Positive Results as Outcomes in Even the Most Difficult of Circumstances

• Resolve Performance Issues with Successfully Compliant Discipline and/or Redemption

• Assess Incumbent Employees for Promotion or Training Needs

• Compliance Audits/Certifications as Affirmative Defense & Reasonable Care

• Expert Situational Analysis as Discovery or Precursor to Change

• Troubleshoot & Improve Employee Retention & Engagement

• Candidate Background Investigations Which Filter Findings for Risk Management

• Deliver & Reinforce a Message Better Sold by External Unbiased Experts

• Pinpoint Your Employer Brand Within the Competitive Marketplace

• Expert Witness Testimony


Internal experts benefit through partnership with external experts.  Please contact HRS for complimentary proposal! Programs are available hourly (20-minute minimum), project-based or monthly/annual service agreement.

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