Employee Motivation Survey


Our 5th annual survey... more than 3000 employees and executives answer to:  "What Motivates You?"


• Advancement continues to be the #1 overall job motivator after passing Job Security in 2007.

• Immediate Title & Authority to Make Decisions ranks among one of the lowest influential factors for employees in deciding between positions, even among executives who show preference toward participative management styles.

• Positive Feedback from Supervisors was rated as the highest driving force in boosting employee morale, making it the only option to score ahead of Advancement Opportunity in a given category. 

What most motivates you to work harder or faster?
1. The desire for advancement (46%)
2. The desire for positive feedback (26%)
3. A bonus or incentive plan (14%)
4. The fear of job loss (12%)
5. Under no circumstances do I want to work harder or faster (2%)
What most motivates you to work more hours?
1. The desire for advancement (38%)
2. Overtime pay (30%)
3. The desire for positive feedback (22%)
4. The fear of job loss (6%)
5. Under no circumstances do I want to work harder or faster (5%)
Please rank each of the following in order of importance to when seeking a position
(1 = Most Important, 6 = Least Important)
1. Advancement Opportunity  (2.38)
2. Benefits (2.72)
3. Company Reputation (3.10)
4. Training & Feedback (3.41)
5. Work Hours (3.57)
6. Immediate Title & Decision Authority (4.31)
Which of the following has motivated you to look for a new job or leave a job?
1. Advancement Opportunity (39%)
2. Lack of Confidence in Immediate Supervisor (26%)
3. Immediate Pay (22%)
4. Fear of Job Security (16%)
5. I haven't left a job or haven't left voluntarily (14%)
6. Co-worker Environment  (12%)
        • Immediate pay ranks as highly as number 1 in certain fields with annual earnings below $40K annual.
What do you think is most important to employee morale?
1. Positive Feedback from Supervisors (35%)
2. Trust that Hard Work leads to Success (22%)
3. Trust that Successful Work Results leads to Employee Rewards (17%)
4. Visibility of Successful Employee Advancement (10%)
5. Trust that Supervisors will Advise when Correction is Needed  (9%)
6. Co-worker Quality and Interaction (7%)

Breakdown by demographics:

Managerial or Executive
Sales or Customer Service
Skilled Trades, Manufacturing or Distribution
Professional Practitioner
Office or Admin/Professional Support



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