2007 Employee Magnet & Motivator Survey


2007 Employee Magnet & Motivator Survey


More Than 2800 Employees Were Surveyed…And Here Are The Results!

• As Job Market Grows, Advancement Potential Finally Passes Job Security to Become #1 Motivator!

• Flexible Scheduling a More Powerful Magnet than Retirement Plans or Tuition Reimbursement. 69% Say they Already Have Some Flexibility & Still Want More!

• Traditional Schedule Disappears with 60% Working Less than 40 or More than 50 hours per Week!

• 59% Indicate Willingness to Travel up to 25%.  24% Willing to Travel More than 25%.

• Added Vacation Soars to #1 Employee Recognition Award…And Also Earns #1 Work-Life Balance Magnet!

• Fitness Membership #1 Preferred Wellness Benefit!

• Employees Value Teamwork Over Comfortable Work Environment!

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What do you consider to be most important to you overall in your job?

    Training/Advancement        40%
    Job Security                      27%
    Work-Life Balance              19%
    Comfort/Quality of
        Work Environment         14%

If your employer were to provide you with only one of the following, which one would you choose?

    Flexible Work Schedule       42%
    Retirement Package            32%
    Tuition Reimbursement       15%
    Vision Insurance                   6%
    Disability Insurance              4%
    Paid Child Care Assistance   2%

Same Question As Above, Different Choices…

    Tuition Reimbursement        31%
    Fitness Center/Membership 16%
    Disability Insurance             16%
    Vision Insurance                  13%
    Flexible Spending Account   13%
    Paid FMLA Leave                  11%

Employee Recognition:  If offered, which reward would you most like to win?

    Additional Vacation Day(s)     56%
    Extraordinary/Luxury Event     23%
    Gift Card: Where Normally
        Shop/Dine                        21%

Wellness:  If offered, which company paid benefit would you be most likely to use?

    Fitness Center/Membership    74%
    Massage Services                 16%
    Diet/Nutrition Counseling      11%
Trade for Pay:   For which of the following would you sacrifice more than 10% of your immediate pay?

    Training/Advancement            33%
    Job Security                          26%
    Increased Vacation/PTO          18%
    Enjoyment/Comfort                 12%
    Flexible Work Schedule           11%

Work-Life Balance:   When balancing personal and career goals, which  benefit would you most prefer?

    Increased Vacation/PTO          42%
    Flexible Work Schedule           37%
    Home Office/Telecommuting    16%
    Paid Childcare Assistance         4%
    Bring Your Kids to Work Day     1%

Flexible Schedule:

    Currently Have                    69%
    Have Not                            31%


    Willing to Travel < 25%            59%
    Willing to Travel > 25%            24%
    Unwilling to Travel                    17%

Which of the following do you consider to be most important to you overall in your job?

    Communications, Socialization
        & Teamwork                    39%
    Confidence/Pride in
        Employer's Success          35%
    Comfort/Quality of
        Work Environment            26% 






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