HRS Survey & Stats, 2001

Money as a Retention Tool Depends Upon Age...

Although most surveys (including this one) find that pay is #1 with less than half of all employees, more than half of workers age 25-34 say pay is #1!  (Source: The BridgeGate Survey by Market Facts, Inc.  TeleNation.)  Sounds about right according to experience.


Must Have Been the Heavy Lunch!

In a survey of nearly 1200 individuals asked about their peak productivity time, nearly half completed their best work in the morning. Following are the complete results:  Mornings = 49%...It Varies = 19%...Evenings = 17%...Afternoons = 9%...Productivity? What’s That?! = 6%.  (Adapted from Get Organized Now! and reprinted in the Communicator, November 2000.)


E-Mail Pushes Productivity!

A good e-mail system can increase employee productivity by about $9000 per year, according to researchers who used calculated worker pay and average time spent working on writing and mailing regular letters. Total savings are actually $13,000 per year, but about $4000 is lost because of "nonproductive" e-mailing.  (Adapted by The Motivational Manager from research conducted by Ferris Research, Inc., San Francisco.)


Exit Interviews Can Be Reliable...

Whereas we all know that intelligent people do not wish to leave a burning bridge behind them, we also know that information regarding turnover can be quite valuable toward decision making in future retention techniques! Exit interviews performed by third parties who compile the statistics and protect anonymity can be far more reliable than those performed by internal HR managers or supervisors. Both fear of reprisal and emotional exaggerations/justifications are minimized in the data collection!


How to Retain the Employee Who Didn't Get the Promotion...

Fortunately, there is something you can do to keep the disappointed employee and recharge his or her enthusiasm.  The key is how you break the news and what you do to satisfy his or her desire for more challenging work and more money.  1) Break the News in Person, and 2) Offer Another Opportunity.  Information and recognition can ease the sting.  (Recruiting & Retaining Great Employees by Clement Communications.)


Starting Wages Continue to Spiral Upward...

1325 local semi-skilled career opportunities surveyed by HRS this year have yielded an average wage increase of 15% from December 1999 to December 2000. Employee retention has become a "bidding war" for quality! (Job categories surveyed here include Administrative Support, Customer Service, Skilled Trades and Production/Distribution.) Employees in these categories continue to label "training" and "growth" as their most important motivators, yet many continue to believe that the starting wage is their best indicator that these other motivators exist. We’ll see if the rise in unemployment helps us hold steady for awhile. Contact us for specific strategies and prevailing wages.


HR Impacts Bottom Line at Fortune 100!

A joint study by Vanderbilt University and Hewitt Associates of the Fortune 100 Best U.S. Companies to work for found that these companies demonstrated higher annual stock returns, stronger operating performance and greater return on assets compared to similar companies. According to CFO & Controller Alert, effective employee-focused practices common here are…

    • Work-life benefits that give employees more flexibility and control over their time

    • Focused skills training and mentoring
    • Company-wide incentives that link personal performance to company results