Supervisor Guidelines to Employee Retention

4 Key Guidelines to Coaching…

• Effective Training & Feedback... Including Communication of Standards & Performance Outcomes

• Internal Marketing (Promoting Magnets)

• Performance Management...No Surprises at Review Time

• Empathy (Understanding Motivators)

Validated Statistical Findings…

• 69% of in-place employees surveyed seek "respectful treatment from their boss" as the #1 reason to stay in a job.  64% of those employees seek "coaching and feedback."

 The Hay Group

• 80% of candidates consider the availability of company training when deciding to take a job.

Gallup Survey/Wall Street Journal Almanac

• In a nationwide survey of 2,000 workers, 69% said they find praise and recognition from their bosses more motivating than money. 80% said recognition or praise motivates them to do a better job.

Gallup Survey/PC Week