HRS Quarterly Fast News, Spring 2012

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Social Media: NLRB Approved Policy

Without proper policy in place, employer trade secrets, public relations and legal compliance are at substantial risk. In response to recent sanctions in restricting social media use, the NLRB has approved this policy: NLRB Release. HRS has, of course, compiled sample policy guidelines and continues to facilitate educational workshops on the topic. HRS Social Media Guidance 



EEOC Enforcement Guidance on Criminal Background Checks  

Employers can often find themselves with increased risk and liability by failing to conduct criminal checks or through inconsistent application. Avoidance is inappropriate. Visit the EEOC's FAQs on this topic. Outsourcing eases liability in "need to know" chain of custody and individual assessment decisions.      



Employer Call to Action: Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act Rules

GINA recordkeeping rules as regulated by the EEOC require privacy and non-discrimination practices not unlike those already found under the HIPAA privacy and anti-discrimination/anti-harassment umbrellas.  Employers must comply. EEOC Compliance Tips   

PEOs and Temp Services... Do They Fit In? 

Statistically, quality employee retention and engagement are substantially lower via temp service and PEO initiatives. However, many employers enjoy certain job descriptions of lower labor intensity. In these jobs the cost of training and turnover are actually less than the costs of retention and force of upward mobility. This is the niche. In addition, certain fields allow contract employees to plug and play into certain roles. These may include accountancy, engineering, medical, legal, HR/OD and other professional contractors. Keep in mind these professionals are rarely acquired through temp services and PEOs, but rather via professional service contractors.


News About HRS...

Speaking Tour Update

Adding to a recent tour of CEO groups, HR professional organizations, media briefs, employers of choice and top ranked universities, HRS proudly announces our most popular topics for 2012.  Hot topics include Leadership Development, Organizational Communications, Anti-Harassment, Social Media, Legal Compliance Tips and More. Employer-site workshops and private webinars offer outstanding ROI.  

Breakthrough Employee Assessment Technology Skyrockets in Popularity

No one offers more meaningful, valid and specifically predictive assessment results than HRS, and our online delivery captures deep facilitation and "how to" results for entire talent life cycle management. Global facilitators are available. Contact us for complimentary online demonstration of Our catalog is robust with instruments measuring problem solving, time management, task prioritization, leadership, sales, customer service, team/conflict reduction, technical skills and more! No one beats us! No one.  


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HRS is available to assist with each and every topic mentioned herein. Please consider us for your HR/OD needs.  Time, human capital planning, cost containment and risk management are more important than ever before.


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