HRS Quarterly Fast News, Holiday Season 2010

With our compliments please enjoy the following news summary in 5 minutes or less, with value provided in only 30 seconds.  We compile this for you, because you are busy! HRS Answer Desk clients have received timely legal updates ongoing.  Happy Holidays!

Employers & Employees Agree on New Holiday Celebration Trends

Employees continue to be skeptical of lavish employer holiday parties, and employers find opportunity in containing holiday costs.  With the economic damage of the past several years, cutting back through cautious spending is greatly appreciated by all. Article.

Legal Compliance Drilldown & Links...

Recent changes include the HIRE Act, ARRA, FLSA Government Crackdown, Expanded Anti-Harassment Definitions, CHIPRA, FMLA, COBRA & UI Updates, Mental Health, GINA, Privacy, I-9 Audits, E-Verify, Recordkeeping, Social Media, Dodd-Frank Act and much more. Contact us for more information on these prior changes.  A few new toolsets follow...

6 Easy Steps to Employer Legal Compliance:  Although employer fines are up, there is a roadmap to simplifying risk management.  Be proactive, not reactive. Article.

2011 Changes to HSA/HRA/FSA Qualified Medical Expenses: Beginning January 1, non-prescription medications are no longer HSA, HRA or FSA allowable expenses.  Using these accounts for over-the-counter medications shall be subject to penalty.  Although still points to a 2009 flyer and alludes elsewhere that only HRA and FSA accounts are affected, HSA accounts are indeed affected.  We tracked down a current government document for your own review.  IRS ruling 

FLSA Classification Assistance:  The DOL continues to crack down on exempt/non-exempt classifications plus overtime, rounding, comp time, recordkeeping and early punch rules. Employers are responsible to comply even where the government does not provide clear rules.  Link to DOL & FLSA. Call upon our answer desk for expert classification tips. Help is available.
Social Media Policies are Critical to Compliance:  Social media can be a great company advantage when handled properly.  Unlawful harassment, employer surveillance, intellectual property, personal use, and countless other topics are suggested for consideration in a proper risk management policy. Policy Tips. Compliance and social media experts, including HRS, comment in this recent Biztimes cover story
Handbook Development Requires C-Level Attention:  Cookie cutter and "hand me down" handbooks provide extremely limited value.  To be most effective, employee handbooks should reflect the employer brand and should customize the many policy options according to executive level thinking.  Policies should be set at executive level and enforced company-wide through an HR implementation initiative.  The greatest employer fines (5 to 7 figures) are statistically tied to execs not getting involved.  

Validating the Assessment Elimination

As new employee assessment instruments continue to flood the market, the most common wasteful mistake is to select an instrument not validated as an elimination tool.  Employers cannot track progress of candidates never hired, creating invisibility to this costly error.  Vendors profit from higher than necessary elimination rates. More elimination = more assessment purchase. When incorporating an assessment into our catalog, HRS screens the correlation analysis between scores and job performers for high, middle and low performers. You should, too.

New Hiring Activity Continues... 

Although US employment statistics remain somewhat flat, talent acquisition continues to rise.  Getting the right people doing the right things at the right price remains a focus.  With a wealth of available candidates, poor performers and high priced talent continue to get the oust. Strategic attrition creates opportunity. The demand for trainability assessment continues to rise. Bureau of Labor Statistics Details

Technology and Globalization Opportunities Launch HRS Cairo Operations 

Former clients at Vodafone Egypt have emerged among our greatest fans and have helped us expand global operations.  These treasured alumni of our Leadership Assessment & Certification programs have prospered substantially through HRS workshops and have enthusiastically entered partnership as new facilitators.  Nothing beats testimonial and validated success!  Assessment scoring shall remain in the US with video-conference feedback available from key HRS assessors. 

Cheers to Another HRS Collaboration with Marquette!

As esteemed educators we have enjoyed projects with the finest institutions including Loyola & Marquette in 2010. Our CEO presided this fall on a hand-selected Master of Leadership expert team with fellow panelists Ulice Payne, Coach Terri Mitchell & Art Scheuber. We remain dedicated to academic excellence.

Arthritis Foundation Restructures... Needs Leaders

After contributing to governance planning and the successful award of new entity charter, our CEO retires after 12 years Board of Directors service and leadership. With discovery that arthritis is the most common US disability, we need to continue this "next level" leadership improvement, specifically building resources toward stronger organizational development and leadership planning. A bill is in Congress, and the impact is enormous. We implore business and community leaders to "pick up the torch." Change champion leaders need not give 12 years. Only 12 months, 12 weeks or 12 minutes can make an important difference.  

Salary Negotiation Advice... Really?

Unemployed "experts" (cough, cough) are still pummelling employees with bad advice, encouraging inappropriate and high risk salary negotiation. Your team members may be listening. Read our response.


Please consider HRS for your compliance planning, answer desk, talent assessment/acquisition or training and development needs.  Time, human capital planning, cost containment and risk management are more important than ever before.


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