HRS Quarterly Fast News, Quarter 3 2011

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NLRB Forces Re-Hire of Workers Fired Over Facebook Postings

Protecting the posts as concerted activity between coworkers, Judge Amchan states that employee gripes on the Internet are protected by the National Labor Relations Act. While employers can typically create company safeguards through well-crafted policies, this marks the first case which did not consider company policy as an employer protection. The ruling also presupposes that world wide web postings are somehow limited between coworkers, privacy controls are somehow fault-free, and there is no distinction between water cooler chat and global publication. HRS recommends not only a well-crafted policy but also careful implementation of discipline with regard to social media activities. Toolsets are available. Article at

Jobs Bill Still "Jammed" in Congress

Controversial for both delivery and content, President Obama's "American Jobs Act of 2011" is in process of argument and scrutiny prior to acceptance. Employers are encouraged to either get involved or continue business as usual during the wait for more information. Update Article on


Cost Savings: Disability Leave

ADA, FMLA and countless ever-changing statutory concerns are fueling employer overgenerosity.  As we read between the lines and analyze the legislation, we determine many employers are giving more than necessary. HRS has prepared an article to assist employer understanding of what is necessary and what is optional. HRS Article.


This Quarter's Most Popular Mantra: "Problems Are Opportunities!"


NLRB Again... New Mandatory Employer Posting Requirement

Effective November 14 employers are required to post employee rights under the National Labor Relations Act.  HRS already inspects for NLRA compliance in our employee handbook review and HR certification programs. As our freedoms continue to be arguably legislated away, please be certain you are not at risk of fine. NLRB Info Link.    

Job Descriptions Create Positive Outcomes Against FLSA Crackdown  

The Department of Labor and Internal Revenue Service have teamed together to audit employer practices. Exempt vs. Non-exempt is under scrutiny as is the misclassification of employees as subcontractors. 7 questions test subcontractor validity. Ask us. Additionally, well-written job descriptions not only produce fiscal results but support FLSA status. Tips on Writing Job Descriptions.    

Attrition Can Be Formula for Success?

Favoring more entry level talent to seasoned high price professionals, employers are trending toward elective attrition. Top jobs are cut to create entry opportunities. Ousting team members with high salaries is seen as a lean cost cutting initiative, especially affecting those getting paid for yesterday's performance and those squawking for more money. While most new grads are still "too green" to fill big shoes, those with 3-10 years success are in high demand. Overall low attrition remains the target... and yes, HRS still advocates smartly for employee retention at talent-based functions and as essential for employer brand. 

Conservative Salary Increases Expected to Continue in 2012

More than 5 independent salary surveys project stable base compensation increases at approximately 3% annual 2011 and 2012. Shift toward variable pay is also discussed. SHRM Article. Employers continue to deploy work sharing as immediate cost control and future positioning mechanism. DOL Work Sharing Article.

A Great Employee Handbook Maximizes Employer Power & Policy Discretion

Comprehensive legislation is clear that employers do have say in many facets of pay and how employees use employer elective benefits.  Make no mistake, however, the key to retaining this power is the proof of agreement beforehand between both employer and employee. Well-crafted employee handbooks are essential here. Customize policies to your firm as one size does not fit all. Contact HRS for handbook review, questions or start-to-finish design. 


News About HRS...

Speaking Tour Update

Adding to a recent tour of CEO groups, HR professional organizations, media briefs, employers of choice and top ranked universities, HRS proudly announces our most popular topics for 2011-2012.  Hot topics include Leadership Development, Organizational Communications, Anti-Harassment, Social Media, Legal Compliance Tips and More. Employer-site workshops and private webinars offer outstanding ROI.  

Breakthrough Employee Assessment Technology Skyrockets in Popularity

No one offers more meaningful, valid and specifically predictive assessment results than HRS, and our online delivery captures deep facilitation and "how to" results for entire talent life cycle management. Global facilitators are available. Contact us for complimentary online demonstration of Our catalog is robust with instruments measuring problem solving, time management, task prioritization, leadership, sales, customer service, team/conflict reduction, technical skills and more! No one beats us! No one.  

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