HRS Quarterly Fast News, Summer/Fall 2010

With our compliments please enjoy the following news summary in 5 minutes or less, with value provided in only 30 seconds.  We compile this for you, because you are busy! HRS Answer Desk clients have received timely legal updates ongoing.  

New Hiring Activity Continues... Talent Acquisition Boosts More than 300%!

Especially at entry-levels, talent acquisition quickly spiked more than 300% across thousands of employers.  Succession planning, cost control and advancement from within are key mantras to labor intensive companies.  Activity is attributed to job growth plus strategic attrition. While mid-managers and upper executives continue to hold on for dear corporate life... the lesser expensive and highly developable talent are in demand.  Those wanting to be compensated for what they did yesterday are suffering rude awakening as keen eyes are on costs and sustainability.  Bureau of Labor Statistics Details

Legal Compliance Drilldown & Links...

Employer grace periods are up or approaching for recent changes to include the HIRE Act, ARRA, FLSA Government Crackdown, Expanded Anti-Harassment Definitions, CHIPRA, FMLA, COBRA & UI Updates, Mental Health, GINA, Privacy, I-9 Audits, E-Verify, Recordkeeping, Social Media and much more. Contact us or view our newsletter archive for more information on these prior changes.  A few new updates follow...

Increased Employer Responsibility to Anti-Harassment Training:  August and September 2010 circuit court decisions are heating up scrutiny to employer responsibility toward anti-harassment.  Being reactive is far more expensive than being proactive.  Get your policies and training in place... and update both for new 2010 definitions. 

Invisible Disabilities:  Where HIPAA, ADA and other laws collide creates a "make or break" situation for employers.  Employees are statistically hesitant in revealing disabilities, leaving poorly prepared employers with extensive risk.  Article.  Work with compliance professionals (hint: contact HRS) to properly structure policies to shift burden away from the employer.  
FLSA Crackdown:  The DOL continues to crack down on exempt/non-exempt classifications plus overtime, rounding, recordkeeping and early punch rules. Several new industries are now under greater scrutiny than ever before. Link to DOL & FLSA

8 Things an Employer Cannot Ask:  Employers are still working with non-compliant employment applications and conducting unlawful interviews.  Applicants are often more "in the know" than employers themselves, creating substantial risk of fine or costly legal argument.  HRS fixes that!  Recent article.  

Increased Whistleblower Protection:  Employer responsibility to compliance is under greater scrutiny by employees with increased media/Internet access.  Whistleblower protection is newly addressed in OSHA statements and also by the Dodd-Frank Act.
As several poster services are peppering employers with unnecessary solicitation, HRS continues to recommend annual subscription services with flat annual fees and competitive price points.  Relying upon an entity other than the government, attorney or professional compliance service, however, does not protect employers.  A few office supply stores and at least one employer association have been circulating non-compliant employment applications.

Do You Need an Attorney for That?

Employer confusion is growing with regard to when and where to consult an attorney.  With other legal compliance options and "pro se" litigations on the rise, attorneys are redefining their roles.  HRS recommends working only with attorneys that have the client's best interests in the crosshairs.  One does not need to be an officer of the court to be extraordinarily educated in compliance. The goal is to avoid legal arguments and contain costs. Keep experts in the loop not likely to profit from your company's costly argument, and keep experts in the loop proven successful with business objectives above and beyond legal compliance. HRS works with top attorneys who applaud and are not threatened by our discreet and proactive compliance programs.  You should, too.

Great Consultants are Never "In Between Jobs" and HR is Never Part-time: 
When & How to Deploy Insource & Outsource Toolsets

Flexible utilization of experts can save money while simultaneously adding new problem solving opportunities. Insource experts, consultants, outsource firms, part-time managers and nonprofit memberships, each in their own uniqueness, are not to be deployed interchangeably. Consulting is not the natural evolution of a former internal expert. Nonprofits are great resources but entirely ineligible as consultants, banned from serving private interest. Common employer mistakes include stagnation and selecting the wrong remedy.  The following analysis offers an acclaimed blueprint to determining where to plug and play each option.   Read article.

HRS Advocates Nonprofit Reform and Supports Nonprofit Management Academia

Having created, led, sponsored and participated in a wealth of nonprofit associations, we hold in high esteem organizations and individuals supporting greater good give back programs.  Similarly, we say "shame on you" to empowered nonprofit team members who sacrifice the mission for self-interest. We call for greater scrutiny to those entities upon which we rely and to whom we extend precious support, power and tax exemption.  HRS thanks nonprofit academic programs and ambitious youth determined to ensure our nonprofits fulfill their essential goals for a better future.  Some of these nonprofits are among the most important organizations we have!

HRS Moves Up Again to #3 Top Management Consulting Firms, Business Journal Book of Lists

Climbing the list again to #1 in our discipline within Greater Milwaukee and enjoying attention in other markets to include recent addition to the Phoenix book, we pledge to deliver year after year. Relentlessly dedicated to competitive excellence, we owe our recognition to client loyalty and referral. Our clients are the best! 

Cheers to Another HRS Collaboration with Marquette!

As esteemed educators we have enjoyed projects with Loyola, Vanderbilt, University of Wisconsin, University of San Diego and many more top ranked institutions.  HRS enthusiastically announces recent and upcoming projects with MU to include curriculum design for a new classroom launch and our CEO's participation on a Master of Leadership expert panel.

Fantasy Football Kicks Off Teambuilding...

In its Internet form, fantasy football is among the safest and most valuable social media tools for both internal and external corporate teambuilding.  It is not too late to start a draft or tournament pick 'em league.
Please consider us for your compliance planning, answer desk, talent assessment/acquisition or workshop training needs.  Time, human capital planning, cost containment and risk management are more important than ever before. 

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