HRS Quarterly Fast News, Q2 2013

With our compliments please enjoy the following news summary in 3 minutes or less, with value provided in only 30 seconds. HRS Fast News is released 3-4 times annually with new mandatory compliance updates and as a concise "must know" news compilation for business leaders and HR/OD professionals.

Affordable Care Act Requires Employer Action by October 1, 2013

While news today indicates the health exchange remains behind schedule, unless advised otherwise, employers must be ready to craft and distribute Health Exchange notices to all employees by October 1. Employer decisions and employee education mechanisms should be in place to safeguard outcomes. As part of our ongoing educational initiatives, this HRS Article featuring additional experts provides the quickest blueprint available to include new developments of interest.

Social Media Privacy... States Pass New Laws, Employers Must Still Protect Bona Fide Rights

While more states are outlawing employer demands for employee passwords, NCSL Update, information discovered through reasonable access is fair game. Where the employer, its stakeholders or employees can discover web-based information disclosing unlawful or job-related activity, without infringing upon employee privacy or NLRB protections, the employer can still act and sometimes must act in consideration of the law. All employers are at substantial risk without a social media policy. HRS crafts custom social media policies which protect employer rights and ensure top legal compliance.

New Immigration Reform Rules Require Immediate Employer Response

A new Form I-9 was mandated for use 5/8/13 and employers are requested to use this new form for all new hires and re-verifications moving forward. Employers who fail to comply will be subject to penalties. New Form and Instructions. SHRM and ACIP advocate additional changes as Immigration Reform. SHRM Article. Tell us where you stand. We're listening.

Is the “Black Swan” Ruling the Beginning of the End for Unpaid Internships?

Up to half of all internships are unpaid, and new scrutiny mandates analysis and change. Interns are successfully claiming rights to compensation after the internship has transpired. Time Article.

Motivating Millennials

By 2020 millennials will comprise nearly half of our workforce. While some traits of this generation are youth-based, many characteristics are here to stay. Employers who fail to address work habits and motivators will find sustainability difficult. Forbes gives us 7 motivators to consider. Forbes Article.

Working From Home Doesn’t Work? Actually... it Does! 

Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Group, advises on the benefits and strategies for work at home practices. Branson supports the practice. Virgin Group Article. A mobile workforce at HRS has proven highly successful. A new HRS Article explores the rewards and caveats of multiple flex offices, virtual offices and work at home practices.  



News About HRS...

HRS Celebrates 30 Years of Success

Our doors opened July 8, 1983. We are 30 years new and 30 years wise! Our relevance and ability to get ahead of the mainstream remains unparalleled, and we are launching some exciting new programs in the coming months. We send heartfelt thanks to our clients... the many who have remained with us all 30 years and the many new clients on boarding ongoing. Our fastest growing initiatives include legal compliance, employee assessment and new initiatives in organizational development. Our global reach through online deliveries and worldwide satellites has enriched the HRS Assessment Center. Please visit our new e-Store!

Speaking Tour Update

Adding to a recent tour of CEO groups, HR professional organizations, media briefs, radio talk shows, employers of choice and top ranked universities, HRS proudly announces our most popular topics for 2013.  Hot topics include The Affordable Care Act, Performance Management, Anti-Harassment, Social Media, Organizational Communications and More. Employer-site workshops and private webinars offer outstanding ROI.  

Employee Assessment Regains Popularity for "Right Sizing" Decisions

Extremely popular for new hires, promotion decisions and learning needs analyses, our library of 30-year validated tools is being widely called upon by companies in state of change. Third party expert tools safeguard legal compliance and employee buy-in to "Right sizing," restructuring for ACA, mergers and acquisitions planning. Contact us for complimentary online demonstration of Our catalog is robust with instruments measuring problem solving, time management, task prioritization, leadership, sales, customer service, team/conflict reduction, technical skills and more! No one beats us! No one.  


HRS is available to assist with each and every topic mentioned herein. Please consider us for your HR/OD and legal compliance needs.  Time, human capital planning, cost containment and risk management are more important than ever before.


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