HRS Quarterly Fast News, Quarter 2 2011

With our compliments please enjoy the following news summary in 5 minutes or less, with value provided in only 30 seconds.  We compile this for you, because you are busy! HRS Answer Desk clients have received timely legal updates ongoing.  

High Court Backs Wal-Mart in Class Action Discrimination Suit

A 27-page opinion by Justice Antonin Scalia asserts the plaintiffs didn't have enough in common and that no substantial proof exists of a general policy of discrimination. WSJ Article. Discrimination complaints are alive, well and costly even to win. Keep this precedent in mind for your own protection, and for best defense... avoid the complaint altogether. Toolsets are available.

Legal Defense in Only 60 Minutes

Employer audits and fines are on the rise. US government tells us they are "not in the business of educating employers,"'s Compliance Guide was last written in 2009, and business leaders are overwhelmed.  Affirmative Defense can be achieved through expert third party education and certification. Certificates of "Reasonable Care" can be gained in as little as a 60-minute review. With a recent employer penalty of $288,000, who would not invest an hour? Help is here. Contact us for details.  Be proactive, not reactive. Employer risks of non-compliance.

Substitution vs Sequencing in FMLA Rollout

Employers are growing confused by state laws that speak to "substituting" paid leave for unpaid leave.  Make no mistake, substituting by definition is different than sequencing.  As an advance communicated condition of Paid Time Off, many states will allow PTO to be exhausted before FMLA is taken.  The full entitlement of FMLA may be required in sequence provided employee responsibilities are upheld. Compliance requires specific advance language. Contact HRS or Link to Federal and State FMLA

Telework and Virtual Workplace Options Make or Break Success

A 2010 Employee Benefits Survey from SHRM reports less employers offering full-time telework options and more offering part-time. The greatest reasons for "work from home" success stem from hiring self-starters and giving them proper resources. Downfalls are due to lack of supervision, "slacker" employees and/or poor technology utilization. Supporting article in HR Magazine. HRS has pioneered telework/virtual office for decades and has now extended a part-time option to every team member successfully.  But then again, we are a highly talent based organization with no rote jobs.  Contact us for the keys to success, as rewards can be phenomenal.   

Avoid Economy "Spin Doctors" and Find Your Successful Niche

Anyone who has taken high school economics understands that consumer opinion drives performance, and media predictions therefore become self-fulfilling prophecies.  While "double dip avoidance" is in question... certain cities, industries and sectors show improved performance. CNN Money Article. The key to sustainability and growth is a lean pursuit of an intelligent and timely niche.  As always, the shotgun approach confuses your brand, confuses your employees and confuses your customers.  

Attrition is Sometimes an Elective Target

Major market organizations with short training cycles and a severe pyramidal organizational chart often depend upon high levels of attrition (and some employee flat-lining) to keep costs down. Sustainability independent of talent and the ability to avoid wage/benefit increases allow these mega-companies to stay afloat. In a world of 1980's temp services, HRS (dubbed the "anti-temp service") emerged as one of the very few experts shouting ROI by employee retention. Still advocating and improving retention for our talent-based clients, we wonder why temp services are suddenly jumping in the OD and employee retention ring.  The two expertises are mutually exclusive fields.  Pick a lane. 

Are the Media Depressing Your Team Members Again?

Although being uplifting and positive can certainly benefit us all, the following article is spreading like "wildfire." To see what your employees are seeing, visit the "10 Most Depressing Jobs" by

Blameshifting Still a Catastrophic Company Drain

Company cultures that allow blameshifting are those least likely to succeed.  Stress accountability and ownership. Reward employees who help their team members to improved performance. Article.

HRS Outperforms Again, Top Management Consulting Firms, Business Journal Book of Lists

Steady at #1 in our discipline within Greater Milwaukee and Phoenix rankings, we pledge to deliver year after year. Relentlessly dedicated to competitive excellence, we owe our recognition to client loyalty and referral. Our clients are the best!

Breakthrough Employee Assessment Technology Skyrockets in Popularity

No one offers more meaningful and valid assessment results than HRS, and our online delivery captures deep facilitation and "how to" results for entire talent life cycle management.  Visit and contact us for complimentary demo user/password. Our catalog is robust with instruments measuring problem solving, time management, leadership, sales, customer service, team/conflict reduction, technical skills and more! No one beats us! No one.

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