Policies & Practices

A Unique & High Value Blend of Expertise

All work delivered by HRS provides up-to-date legal compliance with a simultaneous eye on business acumen, cost containment, and employee engagement. As management consultants at the top of our field, we deliver expert information and operations solutions. Some toolsets are available for immediate purchase in our eStore. For custom programs, complimentary analysis and proposal are provided. A few examples of our service points follow.

• On Call Employment Law, HR and Organizational Talent...an Accredited and Reliable Team of Senior Executive Consultants, Directors, Specialists, Representatives & Adjunct Support Professionals  

• Legal Compliance Audits & Certifications 

• Comprehensive Legal Compliance Answer Desk & Risk Management Planning

• Employee Handbook Creation, Review & Updates

• Performance Management, Anti-Harassment, HIPAA, Social Media & Policy Education Workshops

• Strategic Planning for Attracting, Retaining, Developing & Engaging Talent

• Expert Third Party Objectivity & Certified Management Consulting

• Team/Leader Development, Motivation Enhancement, Employer Branding & Internal Marketing

• "Friendly" Review of Postings & Practices to Ensure Current Legal Compliance

Social Media Sample Policies & Practices

• Employee Relations & Exit Interviews

• Job Analysis, Evaluation & Descriptions

• Performance Appraisal Design & Coaching

• Human Capital Analysis & Optimization

• Compensation Opinions & Competitive Market Analysis

• Employee Market Research to Include 5 Global Impacts to Trust; Changing Generational Expectations

• Quarterly Employer Newsletters 

• Expert Witness Testimony 



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