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Exceptional Solutions from an Exceptional Team!

Succeeding in our fourth decade of payroll administration expertise, we leverage existing relationships and knowledge base with all key payroll platforms. Demands upon today's payroll specialist include employment law, tax, compensation, benefits, HRIS and HR expertise in a holistic but meticulous solution. We answer the call as expert partners to be relied upon. As a worthy intermediary to your HRIS/payroll software provider, our team facilitates platform selection, configuration and implementation. All programs rely upon exceptional expertise and are customized to individual employer needs. Building stakeholder and team confidence is our commitment!

Extraordinary Deliverables

• Expert Legal Compliance/Tax/HRIS Knowledge Base

• Optimize Cost Control, Accuracy, Departmental Bridge Building and Employee Morale

• Safeguard Against Payroll Team Attrition, Time-to-Learn and Client Training Investment

• Increase Corporate Knowledge while Implementing Stable Turnkey Solutions

• Dedicated On-Call Talent or Fixed Cost Programs

• Leveraged Relationships with All Key Payroll Platforms to include Paychex, Paylocity, ADP, Paycom, Quickbooks/Intuit and So Many More

• Flexibility with and Extraordinary Working Knowledge of Timekeeping Systems with Inventions Recognized by U.S. Patent Office

• FMLA, ADA and Disability Leave Reconciliations, Tracking and Compliance

• Fair Labor Standards Act, Department of Labor and State Compliance Nationwide with International Law Knowledge Base

• Benefits Tracking, ACA Compliance, Premium Processing, Calculations, Modifications and Reconciliations

• Tax Reporting, ACA Reporting and W2 Reporting Guidance and/or Reconciliation

• Payroll Recordkeeping for Legal Compliance to Include File Design and Maintenance

• Consistent Point of HRS Contact with HRS Responsibility for Team Training and Supervision

• Design and/or Intake of Documentation for Payroll/Recordkeeping Compliance

• Paid Time Off Policy Recommendations and/or Setup and Implementation

• Setup and Maintenance of Employee Portals as Appropriate

• Employee Relations with Optimized Confidence  

Legal Risk Management: Answers, Audits, Affirmative Defense & Certifications  

• Customized Programs for Each Unique Employer Client              


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