Organizational Development

Every Program HRS Delivers is Considered Organizational Development.

Our unique blend of legal compliance, employee motivation, organizational efficiency and ROI acumen expertly contributes to organizational goal attainment. A few of our management consulting and outsource deliverables follow.

• Talent Assessment for Organizational Entry, Learning, Advancement & Change

• Leadership & Team Development Workshops

• Employer Answer Desk

• Strategic Planning for Attracting, Retaining, Developing and Engaging Talent

• Expert Third Party Objectivity and Certified Management Consulting

• Team Skills Assessments & Teambuilding Exercises

• Motivation Enhancement, Employer Branding & Internal Marketing

Policies, Practices, Handbooks & Communications

• Employee Relations & Exit Interviews

• Job Analysis, Evaluation & Descriptions

• Expert Witness Testimony

• Labor Intensity Analysis; Human Capital Planning & Optimization

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