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U.S. Employers Added 280,000 Jobs in May!

With contrasted improvement against a fairly poor first quarter, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported strong job gain, improved labor participation and wage increases in May 2015. BLS Details. The Manpower Group released its 2015 Outlook and predicts hiring by 24% of employers and downsizing by only 4%. While Manpower's key contacts hire temp workers, the source is forecasting economic growth. Those sectors finding a "lull" are typically conveying optimism that any cutbacks are temporary furlough. Confidence remains primarily high. 

Top Employers Elongate Hiring Process to Beef Up Screening

The soft skills become the hard skills, and the Fair Credit Reporting Act points to due diligence and candidate screening out-task as best risk management. In a study of more than 340,000 job seekers, evidence mounts that employers are getting meticulous about screening, avoiding bad hires and sidestepping penalties through talent acquisition process upgrades. Forbes. Personality profiles remain largely unlawful, but problem solving profiles soar in popularity. Veracity SR2. Out-tasking not only safeguards against perceived bias but also protects against class action FCRA suits on the rise. Employment Law Daily.  

Why Talent Acquisition Needs C-Level Death Grip 

In the midst of threats and opportunities that make or break company success, the role of HR continues to expand into 7+ sub-disciplines, and it is still growing. CEOs grasp that when the right people are not doing the right things and/or fiscal threats escalate, the other company functions can be rendered futile. Major market CEOs understand to empower a full-time internal CHRO. Small to mid-market CEOs understand to hire an on-call CHRO. Or, if they are among the rare few with such specialization, they bring their own CHRO knowledge to the table. The CFO is becoming less and less involved in today's successful HR initiatives. Every company benefits via an executive thinker, full or part-time, with a relentless commitment to the required full time employment law and HR field research. Entrepreneur.

Big Changes A-Coming for Wage and Hour Laws  

The new "White Collar" exemption regulations promise that many salaried exempt positions will soon become non-exempt. Legal Analysis. Apple's under fire for forcing employees to remain with humiliation and without pay for bag search. Reuters. Overtime laws, paid vacation mandates, tracking hours worked remotely ( and sales compensation are on the hot seat for change. SHRM Article. Business leaders need to engage promptly in the review and/or preparation of policies and job descriptions for FLSA and DOL purposes. Contact HRS for whitepapers and/or assistance. We've got your back!

Cybersecurity and HR: Get Your Policies in Order

While the IT department bears much responsibility in system security against a slew of hackings, how your employees interact with your systems weighs heavily on employer risk management. Don't expect your IT gurus to do this alone. Get top shelf handbook policies in place, communicated and enforced. While the proactive solutions can save your company's very existence, those who escape the full-on disaster must still prove daily reasonable care and due diligence. We're hypothesizing that the growing number of random compliance audits will turn even more focus to privacy safeguards and cyberthreats. Inside Counsel article.

A Few Highlights of State Happenings...
Wisconsin Strengthens Work Search Requirements for those Collecting Unemployment

Tightened regulations are newly in effect for UI benefits eligibility. DWD report.

California Awaits Significant Employment Bills Pending in Legislature

CFRA, paid sick leave, minimum wage and more. SHRM Update. 

Illinois Raises Minimum Wage

This week finds Illinois in a fisticuffs battle over a minimum wage hike. Stay tuned.

Abercrombie & Fitch Loses the "Head Scarf Case"

Timing is everything in EEOC decisions. Protected classes are specifically not to be revealed at application stage, so A&F's case was far flimsier than fabric. New York Times. 

ADA and Telecommuting: Do Employees Need to Show Up at Work?

The Americans with Disabilities Act makes it clear that working from home must be honored if certified medically necessary and if no undue hardship is created for the employer and position duties. In many cases, ADA is forcing telecommuting as "reasonable accommodation." However, the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled in favor of the employer, reversing a 2014 decision, in EEOC v. Ford Motor Company. Court Documents. In another scenario, a psychologist with memory loss was deemed unable to perform essential functions. Court Documents.  Reasonable accommodation is specifically relative to the affected job description. Employers who know and follow the law with due diligence and who have policies and job descriptions in top shape have protection. HRS can assist!

Employees are Happier at Work and Still Looking to Quit

If you're rolling your eyes at this, you get our point... and yes, it's true. As attrition and work attention deficit otherwise threaten our workplaces, leadership development is more important than ever before. Fortune. In support of findings, the BLS reports another record high annual quit rate. Expert in crafting and delivering leader learning at all levels, HRS has prepared keys to success in both roundtable and article format. HRS has released "5 Key Rules to Crafting Leader Learning.

And... News About HRS...

HRS Dubbed "The Pioneers of HR Management and Research" in Fortune, Money and Businessweek Showcase

Due to our historic, current and predicted future success in local, national and global arenas, HRS enjoys a feature profile in these top magazines. We're pleased to present an advance release for early viewing. We send heartfelt thanks to our treasured clients and supporters who grant us the opportunity to deliver positive impact! Re-launches with New Home Page...Check it Out!

Deploying improved responsive design for mobile users, immediate and upcoming updates unfold at Already recognized by the U.S. Patent Office for our technology invention, HRS pledges to stay on the cutting edge of technology and visitor wishlists. We promise not to change so drastically that our loyal content visitors have to re-learn the indexing. 

HRS Payroll Administration Operations Soar in Popularity!

Delivering extraordinary knowledge in legal compliance, HRIS and holistic payroll solutions, HRS payroll administration services are getting rave reviews! While certain competition is dropping the ball with incessant errors, delays and inconvenience, our programs shine with accuracy, compliance risk management, reliability, consistency of assigned contacts and so much more!

Developing Exceptional Leaders, from the Newly Promoted to the C-Suite 

Today's best assessments profile individual leadership styles, while stretching beyond to measure implementation effectiveness through in-basket technique and role play. Leaders enjoy lifelong learning through our client site workshops, deploying kinesthetic hands-on learning and precision custom curriculum. Assessment is ongoing through training exercises to benchmark progress and to pinpoint learning needs. Veracity by HRS programs are so widely applauded by employers and learning participants alike, even our Anti-Harassment workshops are consistently reinforced as meaningful and engaging. 

Compliance Audits and Policy Communications... Time for Another Review

Employers are relying upon external experts more than ever before. Reasonable care requires annual review, and the courts are looking for it! Changes to federal and state employment laws make updating more critical, yet legal advice from attorneys is not enough to craft effective holistic solutions. More employers are recognizing the problems with appropriating another company's handbook and the pitfalls of boilerplate compliance solutions. Today's best policies and practices deliver not only up-to-the-minute legal compliance, but also employer reasonable care in education, pro-active communication, culture shaping, performance management, employee engagement and cost cutting through operations efficiency. 

Veracity Corporate Education Programs Deliver Extraordinary Outcomes

Adding to a recent tour of CEO groups, HR professional organizations, media briefs, radio talk shows, employers of choice and top ranked universities, today's most popular programs include Anti-Harassment,  Legal Compliance Balancing Talent Engagement, Performance Management, Getting More Out of Meetings, Organizational Change Management,  Organizational Communications and More. Our flagship programs remain private employer-site workshops including group roundtables or Individual Learning Sessions (ILS).  

Angel Wings Enjoys New Publicity 

Fueled by HRS, HRS Gives Back and community support, extraordinary solutions are delivered via "Angel Wings" subsidy to employers who deliver extraordinary impact. Such employers include start-up and non-profit organizations whose missions and methodology promise positive economic, community and/or charitable impact. 

New Subscription Bundles!

Subscription bundles for turnkey solution delivery are enjoying immense popularity! In response to evolving legal, talent management and reasonable care demands, these bundles mix and match education, compliance, assessment and/or third party operations in cost-cutting packages. Check out the eStore

Thought Leadership Blog Enjoys Wildly Popular Syndication

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