HRS Fast News, June 2014

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IRS Bans Employers from Reimbursing Employee Health Exchange Participation

Employers who believe they can get tax relief by helping employees pay HIX premiums need to think twice. $100/day per affected employee is the penalty according to this new federal government ACA response. Any monies forwarded to employees for this purpose are taxable to all parties as regular compensation. The IRS has issued a Q&A Document. More info at this NY Times article

Telecommuting is Reasonable Accommodation According to ADA...and More Noteworthy ADA Changes!

Recent federal crackdowns are mandating employer response. As a reasonable accommodation to disability, via EEOC v. Ford Motor Company, an employer may have to allow an employee to telecommute even if teamwork is an important part of the employee’s job. Court Documents. EEOC officials are also taking a closer look at pregnancy-related impairments, and the agency may be classifying more of these conditions as disabilities under the ADA. Mood disorders have been protected for some time. During all this, the EEOC is also heavily critiquing and criticizing employer ADA policies. Make sure that you have the right pieces in place for your ADA policy. Contact HRS for assistance!

Critical Misfires from HR: CEO Call to Action

While our clients and subscribers are the best of the best, too many HR leaders are dropping the ball... miserably. FLSA wage and hour lawsuits hit a record high in 2014, marking the seventh straight year of increases. Meanwhile, according to Gallup poll, more than 2 in 3 workers are reporting disengagement. HR leaders need to "rewire" employee thinking as a kickstart to productivity. On yet another front, the EEOC has more than doubled the fines for employers who fail to comply with notice posting requirements. CEOs need to recognize their effective HR talent and/or install improved initiatives. HRS Article.

Good News for Wisconsin Employers...Less Recordkeeping for Exempt Workers

Effective April 2014, Wisconsin state statutes section 104.09 has been amended to provide that “An employer is not required to keep a record of the hours of employment of an employee who is exempt under rules promulgated by the Department from the requirement under S. 103.02 that an employee being paid overtime compensation, as defined in S. 103.025(1)(c), and who is not compensated on an hourly rate basis.” In summation, whereas most employers seemed to be ignoring this anyway, timekeeping for exempt employees is no longer required. This changes the state's payroll recordkeeping requirements to better align with the FLSA.

Amazon Offers "Pay to Quit" Bonuses to Avoid Lagging Performance 

In an effort to discover a "bad fit" proactively, will pay employees up to $5,000 to resign voluntarily. Unlike traditional severance, the departure bonuses are not linked with firings or reductions-in-force, but rather an initiative intended to measure employee loyalty. Article. Let's see how terrible workers react. 

State By State Breakdown: Same-Sex Marriage Update

We reported when the federal government seemed to kick these decisions to the states, and since then states have been responding, often to find federal intervention. Here's a quick breakdown as of May 21st. CNN Article. Since this article, Wisconsin's same sex marriage ban was struck down by federal courts along with Pennsylvania's. As of today, North Dakota's ban remains challenged. Stay tuned for more updates, as these will continue to impact employment law, benefits, workplace education and culture. 

The Employee Handbook: Time for Another Revision

Employers are relying upon external experts for handbook assistance more than ever before. HRS Handbook Review and Design services have incurred more than 300% increase in demand over the past 18 months. More employers are recognizing the problems with stealing another company's handbook and the pitfalls of boilerplate solutions. Changes to federal and state employment laws make updating the resource even more critical, yet legal advice from attorneys is not enough to craft an effective instrument. Today's best handbook delivers not only up-to-the-minute legal compliance, but also employer reasonable care in education, pro-active communication, culture shaping, performance management, employee engagement and cost cutting through operations efficiency. 

Higher 2015 Limits for HSA Contributions and Out-of-Pocket Expenses

The Internal Revenue Service has announced higher limits for 2015 on contributions to health savings accounts (HSAs) and for out-of-pocket spending under high-deductible health plans linked to them. The higher rates reflect a cost-of-living adjustment and rounding rules under the Internal Revenue Code. IRS reading

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