HRS Fast News, April 2014

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NLRB Says College Athletes are Employees

Until now, the college athlete was without collective bargaining power. A Northwestern University related ruling has just changed this. CNN Article. The next rumblings surround taxability of athletic scholarships for these "employees." If the scholarship defines compensation for an employee, does it then become taxable? Stay tuned, and be watchful for the domino effect.

Building a Rock Star Brand with Glimmering Engagement Tactics

Summerfest's Eric Heinritz and senior brand strategist Dar Hackbarth weigh in on this already popular HRS Education Council piece. In this month's spotlight article, discover proven keys to success that build the brand internally and externally with laser focus cost control and steadfast legal compliance. Every employer enjoys tremendous ROI upside by deploying brand management. HRS Article.

Obama Memo Causes a Stir in Overtime Rules & Employer Planning

President Obama's recent memo directs the DOL to review overtime rules and exemption tests. Speculated for future impact, the memo is raising eyebrows and affecting organizational structuring. US News Article. Best practices already include timeframe benchmarking of job descriptions and their respective salaries. That is, while salaried positions are rarely expected to involve a 40-hour week with known starting and stopping times, employers and employees should already be agreeing in advance upon the approximated 45, 60 (or over 70...) hour work week. The competitive market impacts hourly breakdown and OT considerations. Benefits for exempt individuals may currently include flexible scheduling and self-directed work pace, which new mandates might erase. This memo asks us to re-evaluate the benefits on all sides and needs careful review for positive outcome.  

As the ACA Turns: New Employer Extension and Individual Mandate Limbo

HRS continues to serve the employment community with ongoing Affordable Care Act (ACA) updates. We report extension of individual "pay or play" deadline, as well as, new exclusions and delays for employers. As of today, employers with 50-99 employees have until 2016 for compliance, and those with 100+ FTEs have until 2015. As employers continue to receive employee inquiries and concerns, we continue to offer educational deliverables for all parties. Please find our current update of ACA employer status and action items. 

Federal Government Calls for Same-Sex Marriage Recognition: Michigan Stands Opposed

While the Attorney General extends same sex recognition to 34 states that do not deem it legal, and the federal government wants same sex recognition of all federal entities, Michigan says "no." Federal contractors and all employers need to remain diligent regarding workplace policies. The rules are changing, and as always, HRS is here to help! NY Times Article.

ADAAA: The Definition of Protected Disability Expands

2014 finds continued expansion of the Americans with Disabilities Act and its Amendments Act. Whereas temporary impairments were previously excluded as covered disabilities, this is no longer the default assumption. Employers are cautioned to review every request for accommodation as potentially covered. Whereas policies should shift burden to employees to request and/or otherwise make known potential need for accommodation, decisions are to be made on a case by case basis. That being said, undue hardship to the company is still a paramount consideration to reasonable accommodation. Third party compliance experts such as HRS are the best resources for risk management.

SHRM and Manpower Foretell Cautious Optimism in Hiring  

Steady slow hiring is predicted by recently released surveys. SHRM Article.    

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News About HRS...

HRS Capitol Hill Opens in Washington, DC

As another punctuation mark upon our federal presence and compliance due diligence, we expand our presence on US Capitol Hill. Visit locations. HRS local, national and global clients are well-protected by our commitment to extraordinary federal law knowledge base and advocacy.

HRS Merges YP Leadership Initiative with American Cancer Society

Our "HRS Gives Back" initiative proudly announces a partnership with the ACS. Our dedication to YP Leadership initiatives celebrates three decades, and we shall not be slowing down. Those interested in joining the fight should contact HRS AVP Matthew Bare, Membership & Recruitment Co-Chair for the More Birthdays Council. Jump on board!

Assessment Center Expands and Re-Launches as "Veracity by HRS"

Extremely popular for change management, training discoveries and talent acquisition, our library has expanded and re-launched with new partnerships! Our expert decision tools safeguard management decisions, legal compliance and employee buy-in. Visit Veracity or contact us for complimentary job-specific proposal and demo. Our catalog is robust with instruments measuring problem solving, time management, task prioritization, leadership, sales, customer service, team/conflict reduction, technical skills and more! No one beats us!  

Outsource Programs Enjoy Popularity with Small and Large Employers Alike!

While organizations less than 200 headcount clearly benefit from business process outsource, major market employers of 100,000+ are equally calling upon us for third party unbiased expertise and unique decision tools. Outsource proposals are complimentary, and we appreciate the opportunity to introduce.

New Corporate Education Programs

Adding to a recent tour of CEO groups, HR professional organizations, media briefs, radio talk shows, employers of choice and top ranked universities, today's most popular programs include Organizational Change Management, Legal Compliance Balancing Talent Engagement, Employer Branding, The Affordable Care Act (Both Employer & Employee Education), Performance Management, Anti-Harassment, Social Media, Organizational Communications and More. Our flagship programs remain private employer-site workshops including group roundtables or Individual Learning Sessions (ILS).  

Join the Conversation at #HRSTalk!

Today's business leaders need information fast, and nothing is faster than real time. Coming soon in 2014, HRS unveils #HRSTalk, a trending topic to Twitter that will point you to the hottest issues and what business professionals have to say about them! Looking for further information or to raise a topic of discussion, take to Twitter with #HRSTalk to attract the attention of our team of consultants and information specialists. Get on board now, and don't miss the upcoming launch!

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