Mission & History


Vision Statement

HRS shall continually optimize a widespread reputation for unsurpassed results, impact, visionary relevance, community and charitable conscience and relentless dedication to longevity.  Our never ending adaptation, progressive deliverables and controlled growth will keep HRS among the most widely recognized and respected Human Resource and Organizational Development research and management solutions organizations, with worldwide reputation.

Mission Statement

Research » Customize » Improve » Validate

With excellence in service as our guiding principle, HRS will continue to optimize our service mix and dedicate ourselves to ensure we are unbeaten in results, quality and value as a resource to the business community.  We will actively listen to and focus upon the needs of our clients, while uncovering current trends in the marketplace and researching, adapting to and reporting changing market dynamics.  We further pledge to always deliver favorable bottom line impact along with legal compliance and risk minimization.  In servicing our valued clients, we vow to use our longevity to our advantage and pioneer the use of new technology, strategies and tactics and follow our system of Research, Customize and Improve to deliver exceptional results.  Expansion of targeted research initiatives will allow us to forecast opportunities and develop relevant, actionable solutions and implement systems effectively.   We shall continue to facilitate growth through client loyalty and referral, accompanied by a business development campaign that dedicates exclusively to demonstration of competencies and service, actionable through our community give back initiatives: "HRS Commits to Kidz" and "HRS Commits to Biz."



After several years of planning, HRS opened doors in 1983 as a comprehensive employer resource for HR Management and Organizational Development solutions.  With unique service mix and methodology, HRS entered the market without direct competition, and quite frankly, probably too early... feeling the pressure of demand not yet cultivated!   Our long established roots have now earned us the advantage of long established successes, impossible for others to surpass.  No one has been succeeding longer than HRS!   Controlled growth has been earned through client retention, success and referral. 

Highly respected and consistently ranked among the top management consulting firms, HRS has pioneered initiatives and technologies now emulated globally. 

While corporate HR departments were still rare and temp services were thriving, HRS advocated the importance of HR concepts beyond talent acquisition to include organizational development, coaching, employee retention, productivity maximization, labor intensity studies, risk management and the impacts of HR and OD upon the corporate bottom line.  Our talent acquisition group has been dubbed the "anti-temp" service, as we believe temp staffing to be the exact opposite and complete absence of HR.  Consistently called upon as experts by the media and business community, we remain among the first to continually prove the link between human and financial resources. 

While most companies were operating with Personnel Departments, as opposed to, true Human Resources Departments, we were pioneering with our clients, studying employer findings across the board and generally breaking new ground.   While most educational institutions were still not offering HR curriculum, our CEO was receiving one of the first offered HR specialist degrees and continuing with graduate studies in business administration, law and industrial psychology. 

When HR was still not finding executive audience with many firms, we were proud to boast one of the earliest international certifications at executive level work.  It is difficult to find more experience in the workplace than that offered by HRS!   We have put our best effort forth to create the awareness, and we have earned the successes! 

We at HRS continually research, customize and improve, and we continually triumph with our clients, adapting to an ever-changing legal, technology and competitive employment marketplace. Employer clients, partners and media reps continue to applaud our innovative successes, as well as, our research of universal employer findings. 

We've succeeded with our clients for three decades, and we're still on the successful "cutting edge!"  We're 35 years new!

With HRS...you find history and longevity of success!   Our practices have repeatedly maximized the bottom line! 

HRS grows each year as a direct result of success stories...helping our clients grow and earning their continued loyalty and referrals. Already working with our clients in both national and global practices, we are currently enjoying national expansion to establish more convenient access for our clients.