Matthew Bare, Shareholder | CXO

Delivering 16 years of dedicated contribution at HRS (and arguably his entire life), our Chief Experience Officer Matthew Bare brings relentless research, operations and product development planning.

Matt works with key HRS clients locally, nationally and abroad to understand pressing concerns and deliver timely solutions. He pursues an extraordinary knowledge base in talent optimization and HRIS/payroll solutions. By overseeing and implementing activities related to HR, talent assessment and compliance planning, Matthew stays on top of invention, trends and proven theory. He performs continuing studies and collaborates regularly as a progressive leader within the professional communities. Matt is currently piloting the new Master of Business Analytics program at University of Iowa. 

Community and charitable support is a constant dedication. He leads several initiatives for "HRS Gives Back" and stays involved in volunteerism for great causes. Elected to multiple boards as an esteemed and influential leader, Matthew's service includes President and Chairman of the Board, Xi-Xi Chapter of the Kappa Sigma Building Association, Inc.; President and Chairman of the Board, 283 Education Foundation; Executive Board Member and Newsletter Editor for the Milwaukee Young Professionals American Cancer Society (formerly the MKE More Birthdays Council); Founding Executive Committee, American Cancer Society Heartland Classic Invitational. 

Our third generation of key HRS leaders, Matthew is the grandson of founding Chairman Marvin J. Pinter. Matthew is an HRS shareholder and board member for each HRS, HRS Gives Back and Angel Wings. His dedication to HRS clients is steadfast.  

Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration was earned from Marquette University, with similar graduate studies in pursuit to include employment law, employer branding and HR management. Matthew also achieved additional National Honors Convocation studies at Loyola Marymount University. Matt's studies in Film Making at LMU help us produce top-tier video training! Matt has co-produced and is a featured expert in our chart-topping training video, "Workplace Harassment, Avoidance and Solutions."

Please find Matt In the News, with expertise showcased by Fortune, Money, Businessweek, The Business Journal and more. Contributing to our Thought Leadership Blog, recent articles include "Super Bowl LII: What Leaders Can Learn from Super Bowl Coaches," "The Overuse of 'Millennial' and Its Impact", "Gen Z isn't Planning on Going to College...", "How to Handle March Madness," "The Skills Gap Pt II: Addressing Education" and "Is Balance Between Gen Y and Baby Boomers Key to Skills Gap Solution?"

His specialty areas of practice include HR Operations, Answer Desk, Veracity Assessment and service design. As an HRS key relationship manager, Matt looks forward to receiving opportunities for client service proposal and direct discussion. 


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