Learning Styles Survey

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Highlights of Findings... 

For more information, please view our Effectiveness of Training Methods Video Blog 1 and Video Blog 2 created in collaboration with Midland Video Productions. 
• Auditory learning is proven to be the least preferred method amongst all learning styles, while Kinesthetic, or hands-on "do-it-yourself," learning is most preferred. Trilogy learning, or a combination of Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic learning, is also strongly coveted.
• Participative discussions are largely preferred over a classroom setting. Employees are significantly more likely to ask questions and prompt for clarification in a workshop than in a classroom setting.

• Employees prefer a trainer who is knowledgeable and easily approachable for questions, which backs up the notion that employees prefer kinesthetic training and a participative roundtable discussion.

Survey Responses...

Please rank the following learning styles in order of effectiveness for you.
(1 = Most Effective, 4 = Least Effective)
1. Kinesthetic -- Hands-On, Do-It-Yourself, Tactile (1.51)
2. Combination -- Participative Discussions and/or Multiple Styles Needed to Ensure Learning (1.79)
3. Visual -- Videos, Observation, Pictures/Graphics (2.50)
4. Auditory -- Classroom Lecture, Listening to Instructor, Audio Tapes/CDs (2.98 - Preferred by Only 8% of Respondents)

Which of the following has proven more effective for you as a learning tool?
1. Participative Workshop or Roundtable Discussion (84%)
2. Classroom Lecture or Speaker Seminar (16%)

Which of the following is the most true statement about your learning style?
1. I understand something better if I try it myself  (40%)
2. I understand something better if I see it in action (32%)
3. I understand something better with interactive Q&A (28%)
Are you likely to ask questions in a classroom or seminar setting?
1. Yes (77%)
2. No (23%)
Are you likely to ask questions in a roundtable or participative workshop setting?
1. Yes (96%)
2. No (4%)

When considering what is most beneficial to you in learning, rank your preferred characteristics for a trainer.
(1 = Most Preferred, 4 = Least Preferred)
1. Knowledgeable in subject matter  (1.41)
2. Approachable for questions  (1.84)
3. Confident and polished  (2.59)
4. Funny and entertaining (2.88)



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