HRS Fights Juvenile Arthritis

We're Making Progress, and We Encourage Your Help!

Since 1999, HRS has supported one of the US's most important organizations, and it needs your help, too. Our CEO retires December 2010 after successful elected Board of Directors term completion and 11+ years leadership service (Arthritis News). Arthritis affects more people than any other disease and affects children far more realized! 

The foundation's US congressional advocacy needs your attention and support.  The foundation is presently amidst national restructure for greater effectiveness and empowerment.  HRS has voiced its concerns and our CEO has drafted a blueprint of success for the governance committee. We encourage you to step up as well.  This organization needs powerful leadership... and it just might need you! 

During our CEO's advocacy trip to Washington, DC, 3 precious young ladies, ages 6-12, joined in US congressional meeting and eloquently advocated for themselves and their friends.  Caroline, only 6, factually asserted she "can't play on the monkey bars because her arms and legs can come out of their sockets."  Tears were hard to hold back. People like Caroline make it easy to keep pushing for change!  
In the very recent past we have certified that more than 46 million Americans are diagnosed with some form of arthritis, making it the #1 leading disability in the U.S.  At this point, awareness remains an essential goal.  Countless remain undiagnosed and/or without access to help. 
People think of arthritis as an inevitable "old person's disease" and don't understand the extent to which it affects kids, the importance of screening, and what can be done to overcome.  A small child simply doesn't realize s/he feels differently than other kids.  Although nearly 300,000 kids are already diagnosed, we expect this represents only a very small percentage of those kids who actually suffer and can be alleviated of both immediate and long term debilitation.  Those not moved by the impact on lives can certainly be moved by the $128 billion annually these unchecked diseases cost our taxpayers.   Please also visit our blog article

Why We Need to Keep Up the Momentum...

The U.S. Congress has partially passed the Arthritis Prevention Control and Cure Act and by the time you read this... it may already have been enacted.  The national foundation is reorganizing chapters into regional boards and we need strong leaders to step up and grab control of this important initiative.  The roll-out of this restructure is critical.  Arthritis impacts one in five Americans and nearly 300,000 children. 245 Members of Congress, including a majority of this committee, support this bill.   
Visit for updates on how YOU can get involved! 

Thank You!  We send another HUGE "thank you" to all those who have contributed to our private fundraisers, awareness campaigns and chaired events.  Click here for a recap on our awareness campaign in partnership with our Fox broadcasting affiliate.   

- Published 2010.