John Ollenburg, Chief Development Officer

Delivering 30 years leadership and relationship development experience, shareholder John Ollenburg joins HRS in 2017, re-emerging HRS as a family-led business. Most recently credited as a key player in building Purple Feet Wines from inception through sale, John's "all in" as HRS commences its 35th year of brand excellence, service dedication and unparalleled visionary adaptability. Treasured HRS clients find John dedicating himself across the board, acclimating to our rare expertise and efficient operations. 

Ask him anything about wine or spirits, and you'll get extraordinary answers! He's devoted to building the same "go to" profile in the talent optimization community, as he's known for his trustworthy dedication to service, knowledge and stakeholder wishlist.  Having earned incredible success and noteworthy reputation in the winemaking community, he's transferring his relationship, research, operations and audience adaptation skills to HRS, and we're so happy to have him on board! John works with key HRS clients locally, nationally and abroad to understand pressing concerns and coordinate timely solutions. He pursues an extraordinary knowledge base in talent optimization and securing top experts to lead critical client initiatives. Prior to his success at HRS and Purple Feet, John earned progressive leadership opportunities in operations for Alaska Airlines, and he is invested in optimizing outcomes for all in both non-union and union environments.

Community and charitable support is a constant dedication. He leads several initiatives for "HRS Gives Back" and stays involved in volunteerism for great causes. An esteemed recipient of the "Distinguished Service Award" earned through his volunteer leadership of record-breaking Arthritis Foundation events, John coordinates fabulously successful events for great causes through HRS Gives Back and Angel Wings. His dedication to HRS clients and community is unsurpassed.  

As an HRS key relationship manager, John looks forward to receiving opportunities for client service proposal and direct discussion. 


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