In The Spotlight... Highlights

HRS has proven newsworthy with constant media attention since 1983.  Highlights...

"How Do I Improve Communications Between My Team Leaders and the Staff?"

BizTimes featuring great advice from our CEO

Employers Must Work to Keep Talent in Full Employment Market

HRS contributes to C-Column, Jagler/JSOnline/USA Today

Workplace Harassment, Avoidance and Solutions

HRS launches Brookfield Chamber E/NET with an extraordinary workshop on Anti-Harassment Solutions. Journal Sentinel delivers outstanding news coverage.

HRS Recognized Among Top Job Training Companies

The Business Journal

Matt Bare Speaks at ISCEBS

Program Summary delivering CEBS education credit

John Ollenburg Joins HRS Team as Chief Development Officer

Business Journal and BizTimes announcements

HRS Reports 57% YTD Growth 

HRS Newswire

Management Consulting Specialists Put Strategies Into Action 

Business Journal interview with HRS CEO 

Workforce Preparedness: 5 Key Skills that Can & Should be Developed by Employers

Ollenburg article at Evan Carmichael 

HRS Profile in Fortune Magazine

Selected for past, present and future impact, view our profile, "The Pioneers of HR Management and Research," in Fortune, Bloomberg Businessweek and Money magazines. 

Ollenburg Speaks to MMAC FUEL's Professional Development Bootcamp

Leadership Styles & Tactics and Six Hats of Thinking

Join Our Globally Syndicated Discussions

New HRS topics, commentaries and banter are emerging online at Forbes and Harvard Business Review.

HRS Top Ranked in Book of Lists Again, Management Consulting

Milwaukee and Phoenix Business Journals.

"Developing a Successful Team"

Evan Carmichael highlights our expert comments.

"Delivering Solutions"

The Milwaukee Business Journal, Executive Spotlight, Matthew Bare

Washington D.C. Millennials Report HRS Advice

Research highlights.

Internet Radio Series 

Recorded at Milwaukeejobs and nationally distributed by LJN. Topics include "Employees Who Don't Pull Their Weight," "Class Clowns" and "Interviewing Strategies."

Biztimes Reports HRS Expertise in Corporate Social Media Policies

HRS CEO and comments on social media's use in hiring. Cover Story Article 

HRS CEO Serves On Expert Panel to Marquette University Master of Leadership Candidates

Fellow panelists include Ulice Payne, Coach Terri Mitchell and Art Scheuber.

Wall Street Journal Reapproaches HRS Experts for Articles

WSJ Topics in Employer Incentive & Compensation Trends.

HRS Addresses Social Media Policies at Loyola University, Chicago

Headline Conference.

"A Winning Resume...7 Seconds to Success" On Sale at Major Bookstores to Include Amazon, Barnes & Noble and More

With 5-star rating and already ranked #4 of more than 650 books at search keywords, our 6th edition earns success as we certainly understand what employers of choice are looking for!  Link to Book! 

Downturn Prompting Incentives to Land Holiday Parties

HRS participates in Business Journal feature.

"H1N1 Business Survival Guide" 

HRS participates in Biztimes cover story.

"Keeping Morale High Will Pay Off Now and Later!"

HRS feature article, The Business Journals of Greater Milwaukee, Washington, San Francisco, Kansas City, South Florida, and more.  

"Top Management Consulting Firms"

The Business Journal Book of Lists, 1994 through Present.    

Payroll Data Services Publishes HRS Articles

Find HRS a regular expert in Payroll Data's monthly national newsletter.

HRS Launches Video Blog on Learning Styles

In collaboration with Midland Video Productions, results of recent Learning Styles survey are revealed and discussed. Visit YouTube for both Part I and Part II.  

"Coffee Break" by Biztimes Magazine

Feature interview with our CEO.

"Motivation is Volatile; Employers CAN Create and MUST Sustain It!

HRS blog published by partner Payroll Data Services.  

Employee Fear Must Be Combatted!

HRS discusses with Washington DC Business Journal the negative impact of employee recessionary fears upon the workplace... and what employers can do!  

Catch Someone Doing Something Right!

Google ranks our article #2 of 13 million search results for this popular catch phrase.  Unpaid ranking rewards content and relevance. 

HRS CEO Becomes Top Ranked Author, Again!

Our CEO, Jessica Ollenburg, has reached a premium status as a respected entrepreneur-author at (alongside Jack Canfield, George Lucas, Donald Trump and Georgio Armani). Articles have earned #1 search rankings within the top 10% of all authors! Surpasses 12,000 Daily Visitors

and remains ranked "Best of the Web" with yet another distinction.  Several new #1 Yahoo and MSN Live rankings quickly emerge! 

HRS Election Comments Gain National Attention

We find our 2004 comments resurfacing in a Washington Post article while our 2008 comments make national news as well.  

HRS CEO and Advocacy Team Proudly Report:  US House of Representatives Votes "Yes" to APCCA.

On to the Senate...  

#1 Worldwide Google Rankings for HRS

Take a look at highlights of rankings has received, including several #1 hits! 

Communicating Across Generations

Feature Cover Interview, Scottsdale@Work Magazine.

HRS CEO Joins Arthritis Foundation Board of Directors

and Advocates at National Summit with Congressional Reps, Arthritis News and GM Today.

Redefining Job Security

Feature Interview at HRWire, Thomson West.

Fueling the Future

Scottsdale@Work Magazine, Feature Cover Interview.

Backyard Weather for Juvenile Arthritis!

HRS Partners with Fox 6 Milwaukee, Live Broadcast.

HRS CEO receives "Distinguished Service Award"

Arthritis News.

Wall Street Journal Interviews HRS CEO

Regarding career strategies and the employer side of candidate assessment.

"What Do Your Employees Really Want?"

Biz Times Reports HRS Surveys of 2800+ Employees. 

"The Graying of Milwaukee"

Small Business Times.

After Hours: Business Holiday Gathering.

The Business Journal.  HRS Sponsors Chamber holiday gathering.

"Employees:  Find and Keep the Best!"

HRS Addresses CEO's and Serves on "Expert Panel" at semi-annual MMAC CEO Roundtable. 

"Inspirational Leadership: Communications 101"

Small Business Times.

"The New Face of Labor"

Waukesha Freeman, 2-part series.

"Beyond Business:  COSBE CEO Roundtable Golf Outing."

HRS sponsors and participates at Ozaukee Golf Club.  BizTimes.

HRS earns three more #1 worldwide rankings at Google

Including "improve morale," "employee newsletter tips" and "HRMS implementation."  

Approximately 150 toughed out the rain in our CEO's backyard for Fox6 Weather w/Vince Condella!

With Fox6's help, our CEO hosted this event as an awareness campaign for Juvenile Arthritis!  Details.  

"Chamber's Annual Ball Brought 'Celebrities' Out in Force."

HRS supports another chamber event.  Journal Sentinel.

HRS Cover Story by Small Business Times:  The Benefits of Outsourcing Human Resources.

Our CEO on the cover, SBT profiles the success of HRS as an industry leader enjoying the fruits of company successes for clients and the emerging popularity of HR outsourcing.

HRS CEO, Jessica Ollenburg, nominated for Ernst & Young's Wisconsin Entrepreneur of the Year.

The Business Journal, Godfrey & Kahn SC, Clifton Gunderson LLP and the Kauffman Fund sponsor celebration of honorees at the Milwaukee Art Museum, plus award banquet at Midwest Airlines Center.

TMJ4 Partners with HRS in "Bad Bosses" expose'

Television news interviews on site at HRS.

1422 participate in Employee Motivator/Magnet Survey

Communicating best practices for human capital investments.  Survey ranked #1 Worldwide  by Google & AOL.  Small Business Times reports survey!

HRS articles and web pages earn more than 20 #1 worldwide rankings

And countless top 10 rankings among search terms yielding more than 50 million results.  Google, AOL, Yahoo, Alta Vista, Dogpile, MSN, etc. 

Better Conditions for Employers, "Setting the Agenda."

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel presidential election impact featuring our CEO.  

HRS profiled by Forbes Business Review.

Audio interview at plus broadcast on all international America West flights.

Closing the Revolving Door:  Economic recovery is not the time to lose key employees.

The Business Journal. Becca Mader interviews CEO Jessica Ollenburg and other experts.

Surveys ranked #1 worldwide by Google/Yahoo/AOL search engines

February 16, 2004.  Search:  Employee Motivators.  HRS Surveys 1500 Employers & Employees!  Small Business Times, Oct 17, 2003.

13 Popular Tactics to Improve Morale by HRS ranked #7 worldwide

By for "improve morale" content. is #8 in Wisconsin for Employment Sites! and The Power Interview by HRS ranked #24 Worldwide for Interviewing Advice!

HRS ranked #7 worldwide by MSN search.

Search:  HR Outsource. 

WellPoint acquisition could rock HMO market

Small Business Times.  An HRS expert perspective on the merger.

New Berlin employers launch NBHRC.

Small Business Times.

Midyear Economic Forecast: Blue Skies!

Small Business Times.

"Success Stories"

Invitations to CNN News and, international broadcast.

University of California at San Diego

publishes as recommended reading for students.

"CEO Mistakes Turned Positive!"

Wells Fargo Business Advisor, national publication.

Fox 6 Weather & HRS Support the Arthritis Foundation.

Live telecast with Vince Condella from the personal backyard of our CEO.  Purple Feet Wines, LLC and Grasch Foods contributed to the event.

"Turnaround in Economy Could Foster Busy Year for Employment Firms"

Small Business Times. 

HRS recognized as Career Experts.

Retained by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel to conduct workshops for Career Fairs.

"Do Better Employees Create Bigger Profits? Optimize Your ‘LIQ!’"

HRS pioneers with the first movers in human capital theories. 

"Shipshape Arthritis Foundation Finds Smooth Sailing"


"Human Resource Services, Inc…Profiles in Excellence"

Introduction by Bob Uecker!  Milwaukee, City By The Waters, Towery Publishing. On sale at major bookstores.

"Business Advisor"

Wells Fargo National Bank.

"The New E-conomy and Your Job Search"

Employment Times.

"HRS Launches Business Incubator"

Small Business Times.

"See Yourself as Human Capital...and Optimize Your Career!"

Employment Times.

"Job Hopping Still Hurts Job Seekers"

Employment Times.

"Medical Charities Benefit at Weekend Galas"

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"Retailers Offer Opportunities to Grow"

Employment Times

"Time for R&R"

Corporate Report Wisconsin.

"The Buzzword is Assessment"

HRMA Resource.

"Business Manual - Human Resources"


"Resigning the Right Way"

Employment Times.

"Dating in the Workplace"

Fox 6 News.

"HRS, Inc. Boasts 98% Success Rate in Personnel Placement Over 16 Years"

Community Newspapers.

"Human Resource Services Helps Companies, Large and Small"

Community Newspapers.

"'Amnesty' Approach to Employment"

The Business Journal.

"The Real Edge is a Well-Selected, Well Trained Workforce"

Small Business Times.

"Re-evaluating the Employee Evaluation"


"Small Firms Must Be Creative With Benefits"

The Business Journal.

"What Was Your Best Cost Cutting Idea?"

The Business Journal.

"How Do I Avoid Hiring The Wrong Person?"

The Business Journal.

"Messy Desks...A Primespot"

Fox 6 News.

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