13 Popular Tactics to Improve Morale

1. Communicate the Successes!!!  At Each Incremental Success.

2. Involve Employees in Decision Making (Formal Meetings or Suggestion Box Concepts)... Reward Every Idea!

3. Share the Vision!! Create Vivid Imagery of Success at Company, Departmental and Individual Levels.

4. Optimize Attention to Positive Feedback, Recognition and Thank You's.

5. Implement Formal Teambuilding Exercises and Games (Hint: consider an HRS Roundtable).

6. Involve Employees in Team Lunch Events; Maybe Even a Pot Luck or Rotated Friday Menu Planning/Hosting.

7. Schedule After Work Social Events, Athletics, Picnics, etc. Encourage Fitness and Activity!

8. Show Employees Specifically How Their Individual Efforts Positively Contribute to Company, Departmental and Individual Successes!

9. Lead Morale By Example! Leaders Should Be Seen Enjoying Their Work!! Leaders Should Also Be Seen Learning!!!

10. Cross-Train and "Sell" the Cross-Training! In Workplaces Expected to Grow, Encourage Employees to View Themselves as the New "Anchors" with Visibility and Opportunity.

11. Set the Constant Example of Treating Others with Respect and Courtesy.

12. Create Laughter and Relaxation: Consider Spirited Themed Dress Days, Uplifting Postings, Stress Busters or Floating Holidays, etc.

13. Hire or Talk About Future Hiring! Show Confidence in Your Company's Ability to Grow and Prosper!

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