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HRS Answer Desk is Customizable to Your Unique Needs…

Safeguarding Cost, Time, Risk & Compliance!

• Far surpassing the average help desk offering, HRS Answer Desk delivers a “one stop shop” for matters ranging standard protocol through “attorney-level and beyond” knowledge.

• Available through subscription or pay-per-utilization procurement, answers are just a call or click away with standard same day turn-around. Our flagship Answer Desk remains our expertly guided subscription program.

• We deliver custom-crafted answers! Your dedicated HRS team is knowledgeable in your company’s unique culture, experiences, policies, employer brand, and preferences. HR is not a “one size fits all” environment.

eTools subscriptions deliver self-serve immediate access to expert sample policies and whitepapers for customization. eTools access is now included standard in all prepaid Answer Desk packages.

• Our employer clients are smart and deserve smart solutions. Your stable HRS team dedicates to extraordinary knowledge basis through never-ending research.

We Never Stop Researching Changing Statutory & Case Law.

We Never Stop Researching Employer Best Practices & Pitfalls.

• Constantly in research mode, we safeguard client resources and risk by providing swift meaningful answers which consider outcomes to legal compliance, risk management, cost control, future sustainability and employee engagement!  

• Answer Desk is served by a team of dedicated experts in employment law, business practices, organizational psychology, risk management and employee motivation planning. Not restricted by non-profit covenants, HRS can and will advocate for individual clients' best interests.

• Today's most popular topics include Affordable Care Act, FMLA, ADA, Anti-Harassment, Social Media, Disability Leave, Concealed Carry, Benefits Compliance, Lawful Termination, FLSA Exempt vs Nonexempt, Job Descriptions, Immigration Reform/I-9, WARN Act, COBRA, HIPAA, Electronics Communications, Intellectual Property, sample HR forms & policies plus a wealth of DOL, EEOC & IRS regulations.

Programs can be customized or prepaid through our eStore. Purchase a trial or renew your subscription today!

All subscriptions include quarterly employer eNews plus breaking compliance bulletins.


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