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Our eTools subscription site contains proven and constantly updating tools with self-serve access. Extraordinary samples of HR forms, legal compliance strategies and handbook policies will be regularly added and refreshed for changing legal compliance and case outcomes. Whereas most HR, organizational development and employment law topics are better served by judgment than templates, the expert management consultants and legal professionals of HRS are uniquely deploying samples accompanied by customization guides for corporate decision makers willing to undertake policy and practice development. Unique tools found here will offer the convenience of templates plus the decision tools and guides for customization. 

eTools represent our self-serve resources option. Please consider our expert facilitated Answer Desk subscriptions for expanded topics, laser customization and research team assistance. 

Sample Content

Affordable Care Act (ACA)
Americans with Disability Act
Application for Employment
Background Checks & FCRA
Concealed Carry
Dress Code & Hygiene
Driver & Vehicle Use
Drug & Alcohol
Equipment Use
Family & Medical Leave Act 
HIPAA Privacy
HR Checklists
Interview Questions
Job Analysis
Job Descriptions
Paid Time Off 
Performance Appraisals
Records Retention
Separation of Employment
Social Media
Workers' Compensation 

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Employers seeking desktop decision tools should also consider Veracity online, offering 32+ years of expert job-specific validations serving thousands of employers, representing millions of employees. eFeedback is also available! eTools subscribers receive a 5% discount on each Veracity delivery.

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