Change Management


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An ever-changing legal environment, organizational restructure, mergers & acquisitions, developing new leaders and generation planning are a few of our specialties. HRS expertly partners with employers, academia and the media to be ahead of change and to provide change management solutions. A few of our service points follow. 

• Encouraging Employees to "Think Outside the Box" & Embrace Change 
• Candidate Behavioral Assessment Center with Validated Job-Related Situational Exercises for Training Needs, Job Change/Promotion, Right Sizing or New Hire

• Certified Management Consulting for Mergers & Acquisition Planning
• Expert Situational Analysis as Precursor to Change

• Job Analysis/Design for Restructure 

• Employee Motivation, Incentives & Appreciative Inquiry

• Bridging 4 Generations; Understanding & Mentoring the Gen Y "Millennials" 

• Multi-Cultural Diversity Training & Teambuilding

• Compensation Opinions & Competitive Market Surveys 

• Change Management Roundtables & Workshops 

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