Lean Thinking/Cellular Manufacturing

Internal Marketing for Change Management:

Introducing Cellular Manufacturing as a Lean Thinking Component


Sample Announcement to Team Members...


We proudly announce to you, valued team members, the continuous evaluation and redesign of manufacturing centers in the spirit of "lean thinking," the aggressive elimination of waste.  This involves the creation of manufacturing cells or cellular manufacturing.

We introduce this program to promote the success of every individual and the entire team at ABC Company!!   Following are a few facts regarding the typical successes created for employees by Cellular Manufacturing technologies…

    • Award winning manufacturers have implemented these technologies.

    • Experts widely believe that the most successful and high growth manufacturers have already or will turn to Cellular Manufacturing.

    • These changes are believed to safeguard your future and the increased success of your company.

    • Team members can be proud to work for an employer implementing state-of-the-art technological practices.
    • Greater employee involvement, improved customer service and world class quality are attained.

    • Cells reduce production time and quality costs while improving inventory turnover, on-time customer delivery and productivity.  Once running smoothly, the company beats the competition and increases success for the team as a whole.
    • Working in a cell environment today safeguards that you are learning the jobs of the future and gaining the training to ensure your career success!
    • Surveyed employees approve of cellular manufacturing concepts for the increased cross-training, job rotation, teamwork and creation of a more profitable and higher-ended career ladder.
    • Cells create additional leadership openings for those interested in a supervisory career path.

Specific Cellular Manufacturing success stories and employee surveys are available at HRS.   More info on Cellular Manufacturing.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions.