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Working in research and advice with thousands of employers over thirty years has given us great information. HRS knows what works for employers of choice. Please explore the following toolsets offered to career minded "go getters."

Veracity by HRS:

Invest into your career and gain that competitive edge by learning through our assessment center what you need to gain that promotion or new opportunity. Candidates competing with you are doing just that, so be ready to beat the competition! Veracity also provides skillset certifications to impress your current or next employer. Veracity toolsets have stand-alone value in less than one hour of your time... or can precisely pinpoint learning needs to be resolved with an Individual Learning Session (ILS).

Individual Learning Sessions (ILS):

Our extraordinary educators are available for individual learning sessions. Our most popular sessions include leadership development, HR, customer service, organizational communications, time management, team skills, and more. Workshops start at $250. Workshops are consultative in nature to allow participative learning and customization to unique learning styles. Certification programs are available to ensure your competitive edge and validation of learning. Curriculum.

Join Our Team:

Information on joining our team of information, consulting and outsource professionals. Opportunities.

Applied Previously to HRS?

If you have previously applied or are seeking employment with an HRS employer client, visit updated information regarding our assessment center practices. 

Career Articles and Insights by HRS: 

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• "The Power Interview", a complimentary quickguide of interviewing tips!

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The 50 Most Common Interview Questions...

...According to Glassdoor

And...Our own top-ranked quick reader "A Winning Resume...7 Seconds to Success!"

The average attention paid in review of a resume is only 7 seconds. Make your 7 seconds count!  This edition also includes "The Cover Letter...The Best Kept Secret!"

This book is also available at Barnes and Noble, university bookstores and most major bookstores.