Angel Wings, Press Release August 2014

Businesses Take Flight on the Wings of Angels

Angel Wings by HRS” launches this month to deliver new greater good impact to non-profits and start-ups. A community concern involving private supporters, volunteers and extraordinary professionals, the new initiative is already healing the hurt of slashed government funding and increasingly cumbersome legislation. Angel Wings offers subsidies and volunteer assistance to make corporate solutions in HR and legal compliance accessible and/or more affordable to select organizations that deliver greater good impact to the local and nationwide community. 

Headquartered with primary operations in Milwaukee, “Angel Wings” is a nationwide initiative with global reach, drawing and expanding upon the HRS base of approximately 4500 employers. While HRS is driving the initiative, corporate and individual contributors are quickly joining the effort. The initiative already has resources to subsidize more than 250 employers, creating and safeguarding more than 500 jobs, with blueprint for quick growth. Angel Investors and venture capitalists trust the compliance audits and HR department setup services for their invested companies. Business partners are packaging turnkey help in accounting, benefits, IT, marketing and companion legal services. More than 75 designers responded with proposed logos. Individuals are donating personal time to keep the wheels turning. Tax and legislative treatment of nonprofits shall be addressed.

The initiative has been pioneered by Human Resource Services, Inc., better known as “HRS.” With offices in Washington DC, Phoenix AZ and satellites are available in every state, the 31 year-old HRS delivers B2B management information, consulting and operations related to HR, employment law and organizational development. As a newly formed initiative, “Angel Wings” delivers emerging and longstanding HRS program bundles via subsidy to worthy charitable nonprofits and angel investor backed startups, representing the double entendre of the initiative’s label. 

“We have been leading and supporting great causes for more than 30 years, and we realize our unique impact has been the ability to pioneer new programs and rally community support for more powerful outcomes. ‘Angel Wings’ is for the community and by the community and delivers a much needed unique approach. Financial and legislative challenges are threatening some very important employers… employers desperately needed by our community. We’re responding,” explains Jessica Ollenburg, Chief Empowerment Officer. “Designing and delivering the initiative taps our specific expertise. The programs then delivered are the same extraordinary quality, invention and dedication you expect from HRS,” adds Matthew Bare, Chief Relationship Officer.

Eligible employers, supporters, partners, volunteers and interested parties are encouraged to visit Specific details and contact information are available at the website. 

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