Veracity by HRS: Talent Assessment & Optimization

ve·rac·i·ty  \və-ˈra-sə-tē\  (n.)  the power of conveying truth or honesty; the ability to provide integrity, right-mindedness and dependability with accuracy, objectivity and authenticity

Why Assessment?

Assessment centers offer today's most renowned instruments for learning more about your company's most important variable...your employees. Assessments offer you the tools necessary to make the right decisions regarding talent acquisition, employee learning, change management, employee engagement, culture alignment, succession planning, talent mobility and more. Especially in a war for talent, these tools deliver remedy and organizational empowerment. Sample Report. 

  • Get the right people doing the right things with the right toolsets
  • Pinpoint learning goals, trainability and learning styles
  • Safeguard and optimize investments
  • Validate talent management decisions in times of change
  • Blueprint "keys to success" for leaders, teams and individuals
  • Empower employee engagement initiatives

    Why Veracity?

    Offering tools beneficial through the entire life cycle of talent management, Veracity by HRS is relied upon by esteemed academia, emerging businesses and Fortune-rated employers of choice, representing millions of employees in more than 100 countries.  Not your ordinary and legally risky "personality profiles," these tools have been validated against actual performance appraisal indices within top talent-based organizations. Rigorous validation studies have been ongoing, proudly entering a fourth decade. Advancement-minded individuals are so convinced of Veracity's value, many have self-financed the assessment process as career investment.

    Assessment developers are internationally accredited professionals of advanced legal, psychology and business studies, called upon by widespread media to include Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, Washington Post, and recognized by the HRCI, IMC and a wealth of graduate and undergraduate campuses. Job-specific instruments optimize employee buy-in and provide meaningful, legally defensible, reliable and easily interpreted measurements of candidate job-specific behavioral patterns, acquired skills or trainability. Both qualitative and quantitative reports are available.

    In addition to a library of world renowned instruments, Veracity offers boutique browsing and consultative services for employers seeking assistance with assessment design and selection. Single instruments or comprehensive assessment batteries are available, customized to job-descriptions at scalable investment levels.  

    Veracity instruments are available via online access or classic "paper and pencil" facilitation. 

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