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Constantly in Research Mode, HRS Provides Quick Targeted Custom Answers to Countless Topics, Safeguarding Client Resources and Risk!  

HRS Answer Desk provides decision tools and custom answers, assisted by extraordinarily knowledgeable experts who know how to deliver the exact information you need and nothing more. Throw us your toughest challenge, and you shall quickly appreciate how we excel! We don't just deliver answers... we deliver the right answers, streamlined and easy.

Answer Desk is served by a specialist team of dedicated experts with advanced study and credentials in employment law, business acumen, organizational psychology, risk management and employee motivation planning. Our answers deliver a targeted yet holistic approach to information. Not restricted by non-profit covenants, HRS can and will advocate for individual clients' best interests. Our command of employment law and employer case study is at local, national and international governance.

Some of the most recently common solutions involve Emerging Case and Statutory Law, Fair Labor Standards Act, Corrective Action with Redemption/Compliance, Problem Employees, EEOC, DOL Regulations, Anti-Harassment, Affordable Care Act, FMLA, ADA/ADAAA, Disability Leave, COBRA, Employee Classifications, Unemployment Compensation, Immigration Reform/I-9, Theft Recovery, WARN Act, HIPAA, GINA, Social Media, Electronics Communications, Intellectual Property, Employee Engagement, Leadership Development, Talent Assessment, Job Descriptions, Compensation, Fair Credit Reporting Act, Benefits Compliance, Employee Relations, Recruitment Strategies, Performance Management, Morale and so very much more.

Available through subscription or pay-per-utilization procurement, answers are just a call or click away with standard same day turn-around. Info. 


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