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Our "Angel Wings" Initiative

Fueled by HRS and HRS Gives Back, extraordinary solutions are delivered via "Angel Wings" to employers who deliver extraordinary impact to our community. Such employers include start-up and non-profit organizations whose missions and methodology promise positive economic, community and/or charitable impact.

The excellence and extraordinary deliverables you expect from HRS are provided to eligible organizations, while "Angel Wings" delivers partial subsidization in the form of program discounts and pro bono assistance. 

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All programs delivered by HRS are eligible for Angel Wings subsidy. eStore

Among the most popular include...

HR Department Audit, Setup and/or Operations
Employee Handbooks & Policy Design
Attract, Engage & Retain Talent 
Stakeholder Confidence Programs
Educational Deliveries
Answer Desk & Turnkey Subscription Bundles

How to Apply

Eligible organizations should contact us for program subsidy pre-qualification and proposal. Please include a brief statement addressing eligibility requirements. 

Angel Wings is supported by community contributors, and we're going strong! Individuals and business interested in volunteering time and/or resources to this initiative are encouraged to contact us. 

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We send thanks to designer, Anyl Thapa, for the Angel Wings logo!

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Eligible Organizations

Non-Profits Delivering Extraordinary Mission & Methodology
Select Start-Up Companies & Angel Investors 

Charitable organizations whose missions touch our hearts are often benefactors of "Angel Wings" philanthropy. To be eligible, these non-profits shall appropriately use their non-profit tax status and funded resources. Employees of these organizations shall be equally philanthropic, demonstrating appropriate work ethic and taking the mission at least as seriously as the organization's benefactors. Those with exemplary missions, especially schools and children's initiatives that have recently suffered slashed government funding, are especially in our crosshairs for help.

Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists most certainly enjoy the due diligence benefits of "Angel Wings" for their invested companies. Program subsidies are delivered to ensure laser focus fiscal management in building a powerful infrastructure setup to include risk management and safeguarded growth. These start-ups in turn receive confident capitalization and proceed to create and protect jobs. The properly capitalized and approved start-ups we support have the resources to succeed and deliver a greater good to all. 

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