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Trending Benefits Opportunities with Bang for Your Buck

In the war for talent, many business leaders continue to confuse and overthink the priorities... and others are getting it right! Maslow, ERG and a multitude of merited motivation case studies continue to advise us to know and address our demographic. Forget cookie-cutter solutions, and tailor your offerings to the specific magnets and motivators of the target audience. Those who think money doesn't matter are getting a harsh wake-up-call. Food, shelter, care and safety needs must be fulfilled before advancement, working conditions, socialization and self-esteem needs truly matter. That said, the dollar point shift differs according to individual lifestyle and caretaking needs relative to cost of living.  

Once the living wage is met, employees will sacrifice up to 15% of immediate wage for targeted benefits and improved working conditions. An HRS survey of 3000+ diverse demographic employees validates this point. 

Here's where the opportunities really arise! A limitless array of employee benefits continues to emerge and become deployed, and these can specifically lure and empower the target demographic of talent. While HRS takes great care with ERISA compliance and avoidance of cherry-picking benefits which can be accused of adverse impact to protected classes, tailoring benefits to those protected characteristics can be structured as the risk management safeguard. 

Malissa Misch, Managing Member of MK Protection Strategies, LLC, delivers workplace empowerment, productivity, risk management and de-escalation through employee education. "We offer a self-defense workshop that is an insurance policy of sorts for employers. Our workshop is heavily weighted in awareness, avoidance, verbal de-escalation strategies and physical strategies to use as a last resort. This information will benefit the employee both in their personal life and at the workplace if they should encounter any type of workplace violence. We also specialize in corporate wellness self-defense workshops and shorter lunch and learns." 

Tony Jace, CEO of Crisis Prevention Institute, delivers holistic education as both workplace benefit and crisis avoidance. Tony explains the takeaways via his powerful testimonial to Workplace Harassment, Avoidance and Solutions, the wildly popular new HRS training video. "Harassment is what we call a precipitating factor for crisis moments to occur. For example, a couple of years ago, a lot of our health care business -- roughly a third of our business overall -- could be traced back to what they call workplace violence, or harassment that occurs in the workplace. It’s a very critical issue that we deal with today. What’s so powerful about the HRS video is that it aligns so well with the values that we have here at CPI. One of our key values is that we fundamentally believe that every human has an intrinsic dignity no matter how vulnerable they are."  HRS recently called upon to successfully disarm a potential active shooter tragedy (not connected with CPI), we truly embrace the critical need for these workplace essentials. 

John Becwar, Executive Director/Owner of Oasis Senior Advisors, delivers an offering with widespread employee appeal. Employees today are overwhelmed with concern for care of their aging parents and grandparents, and John's organization eases the pain. "My service could be offered as an extension of an EAP program or simply as a new offering as a means for the employer to recognize the challenges of employee caregivers. I have been finding a fair number of grandchildren are assuming that role as well. A presentation of this sort would be not only serve as a nice introduction to the topic of senior care, but send a positive message from the employer about their commitment to help their employees." 

Jennifer Buchholz, Founder/Lead Trainer at Excel & Flourish, delivers the benefits of training, productivity, advancement and self-esteem. Aligned with HRS in the commitment to kinesthetic training and adaptation to individual learning styles, Jennifer agrees, "There is a higher commitment from employees to learn with instructor-led training. Whether it’s the engagement or the accountability that goes hand-in-hand, employees leave our instructor-led training prepared to implement changes the same day so there are immediate results. Every time we train a group, we share how the company has made an investment in the training, and therefore are investing in the employees. Employees feel valued -  that the company was willing to put money into increasing their skills. This is especially the case when people are taking the training for job advancement (optional training) vs. required training for the job."  

As recently showcased in Fortune magazine, along the journey "HRS tested casual Friday, in-house child care programs, HRIS, and remote work innovations at their offices before ever taking the ideas to clients. HRS has been trailblazing the HR industry for over three decades and continues to lead with unsurpassed accuracy and results." At HRS we pride ourselves in delivering extraordinary benefits strategies and compliance/risk management programs. We deliver these as custom solutions, and we recognize today's employer needs to be distinctive.  


Article by Jessica Ollenburg, HRS CEO | Sr. Practitioner. Celebrating 35 years as co-founder of HRS, Jess delivers balanced effective solutions at the intersection of employment law, organizational behavior, HR design, crisis management and the hard metrics of business productivity.

Jessica Ollenburg - Tuesday, June 12, 2018