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HRS Reports 57% Growth

Brookfield, WI, July 25, 2016- - As its 33rd birthday arrives, Human Resource Services, Inc. – HRS – looks back on a big first half of 2016.  The company has seen 57% growth year-to-date when compared to the same time in 2015.  With no signs of slowing down, this puts HRS on track to outperform for the rest of the year.

HRS has achieved this level of sustainable growth by remaining true to their core values and competencies.  By staying nimble and focused on research internally, they are always on the ready to create custom solutions for employers.  This year’s revenue growth is especially due to helping companies cope with change by focusing on employment law compliance, organizational productivity, talent development, cost cutting, morale, and internal communications.  With so much uncertainty in the world, employers are relying on HRS expertise more and more.

CEO Jessica Ollenburg notes, “Our highest growth sectors are with nonprofit, manufacturing and small business clientele.”  HRS is particularly proud to serve these sectors, as they make up the very heart of the American economy. Ollenburg continues, “HRS is proud to deliver critical solutions to employers coping with change in uncertain times. We’re addressing how world events affect the workplace, and we’re deploying toolsets offering balance of cost-cutting, adaptability, workforce engagement, political depolarization and changing legal compliance.” Through “HRS Gives Back” (also 33 years old), HRS’ Angel Wings initiative offers subsidized programs to eligible non-profits and key startups.

More about how HRS helps businesses navigate changing landscapes – including their upcoming workshop series on how to help employees deal with world events – can be found at

Headquartered with primary operations in Milwaukee, Human Resource Services, Inc. is a family-owned business with global reach.  With offices in Washington DC, Phoenix AZ and satellites available in every state, the 33 year-old HRS delivers B2B management information, consulting and operations related to HR, employment law and organizational development.


Caitlin Seitz Bare, PR | Media Consultant

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