283 Education Foundation, LLC

283 Education Foundation, LLC is a not-for-profit organization whose goal is to provide personal and professional development resources to students within the Milwaukee community. 283 Education Foundation started with a focus on providing top-tier housing which is conducive to educational studies and philanthropic/personal development events to students of Marquette University Greek Life. 283 is looking to arm those students whom have a desire to prepare for the workforce with the tools they need to make an impact upon graduation.

Now in its third year of providing housing and resources to Marquette students, the foundation is looking to turn its attention to expansion in both reach and offered events/resources. It is the organization’s intention to expand available resources to the remainder of the Marquette community, first, and eventually the overarching Milwaukee student community as a whole, and also provide a higher quality of workshop and speaker event to those students who are looking to prepare themselves for the workforce and life after graduation.

For information on the specifics of the organization’s mission and future goals, please contact HRS CRO/Shareholder and 283 Education Foundation President/Chairman of the Board Matthew Bare.