10 Reasons Why Employees Should Reject The Counteroffer

Employers today need to avoid being stuck with a "hole", and once learning you're leaving, they may "do what it takes" to keep you on board until they find a suitable replacement.  Before turning down a new opportunity by accepting a counteroffer, read the following.

10 Reasons Why Employees Should Reject the Counteroffer...


1.  You have made your employer aware of your dissatisfaction.  From this day on, your loyalty will be in question.

2.  When promotions are considered, your employer will take your lack of commitment/loyalty into account.

3.  Once the word gets out, your relationship with your co-workers will never be the same.

4.  There could be a strong impact later on your sense of pride. You could feel as if you've been bought.

5.  When times get tough, your employer will begin the cutbacks with you.

6.  Your company is likely to begin looking immediately for your replacement.

7.  Statistics show that 85% of those who accept a counteroffer end up leaving, voluntarily or involuntarily, within one year.

8.  You will probably wonder where the extra money is suddenly coming from. Is it just an advance or a raise you would have received anyway?

9.  A counteroffer raises doubts about the type of business you work for. Why should you have to threaten to resign before the employer gives you what you're worth?

10.The same circumstances that caused you to consider leaving will likely occur in the future.



-As reprinted from Employment Management Today
"Combating the Counteroffer," Chris Velissaris