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the Puzzle

Delivering unique value to savvy business owners, C-suite and HR leaders; HRS tackles transformation, complex problem solving and high-impact opportunities, especially related to talent management, process management, morale and legal strategies. We consultatively design bulletproof high-efficiency HR systems and deliver extraordinary specialist expertise as an extension of our top-tier client employers, ranging size 1-100,000+ employees. Employment laws consistently evolving, anti-harassment, the skills gap, a dynamic workforce, fiscal prudence, and more...HRS solves and completes the puzzle! "Workplace Harassment, Avoidance and Solutions" is a unique new HRS training video gaining momentum fast. The "Veracity SR2" remains an expertly effective talent blueprint, especially popular today as a rare skills gap solution. Brochure.

Legal Strategies

Exceptional solutions in a rapidly evolving legal environment, combined with fiscal savvy and prudent organizational psychology. Affirmative defense, crisis management, anti-harassment, on-demand answers from experts who know your company, policy/practice design, proactive audits and more. 


Delivering specialist expertise with incredible outcomes and superior talent stability. HR projects, management consulting, skills gap solutions, technology implementation, procedural design/transformation, unbiased objectivity, change management, job analysis, time management and more.

Talent Optimization

Validated tools that get the right people doing the right things with the keys to success. Our predictive tools foretell actual job performance, trainability and learning opportunities, not just personality profiles. Attract, retain, develop and engage top talent! Consumable data-driven blueprints and more.  

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Smart Solutions for Smart Employers!

Smart organizational development leaders rely upon our dedication to research, extraordinary knowledge base and expert decision tools. Toolsets include educational deliveries, an extraordinary library, facilitated Answer Desk, advanced consulting, a deep network of specialists, expert out-task solutions and/or project-based implementations. Visit our eStore for online brochures, simplified buying, pricing and complimentary proposals!