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the Puzzle

In a saturated HR space, HRS stands distinctively apart! Labeled the "Gold Standard in HR" and "Pioneers of HR Research," we design bulletproof HR systems and consultatively tackle the hardest stuff with most critical impact. Employment laws consistently evolving, anti-harassment, the skills gap, getting the right people doing the right things, fiscal prudence, leadership development, change management, employee engagement, technology, 5 generations, progressive competition, and more...HRS completes the puzzle for employers of every size! We solve highly complex problems, have earned unparalleled trust from the workforce and certify affirmative defense via proactive risk avoidance. Tightly held and emerging employers depend upon our extraordinary HR design and out-task solutions; Fortune-rated HR teams robust with world class talent depend upon Veracity assessments and our unbiased 3rd party expertise.

Legal Strategies

Exceptional solutions for a rapidly evolving legal environment. Anti-harassment and compliance certifications, answer desk, handbooks, proactive audits, risk management and more. Sample tools and custom answers balance talent engagement strategies.


Delivering unique contract solutions with incredible outcomes and superior talent stability. Out-task HR, skills gap solutions, technology implementation, procedural design/transformation, unbiased objectivity, change management, job analysis and more.

Talent Optimization

Validated deliverables get the right people doing the right things with the keys to success. In a competitive environment, HRS solutions and endorsements attract, retain and engage top talent! Expertly guided talent assessment and development.

workplace harassment

Smart Solutions for Smart Employers!

Smart organizational development leaders rely upon our dedication to research, extraordinary knowledge base and expert decision tools. Toolsets include educational deliveries, an extraordinary library, facilitated Answer Desk, advanced consulting, a deep network of specialists, expert out-task solutions and/or project-based implementations. Visit our eStore for online brochures, simplified buying, pricing and complimentary proposals!